Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault

A photo vault and calculator photo vault ​to hide your photos and videos

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Calculator Photo Vault
Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault Calculator Photo Vault

Protect photos and videos in your phone with Calculator photo vault - Hidden calculator, which looks like a normal calculator app.Photo vault calculater,Caculator hide helps you organize, manage and keep your gallery private by locking them in a vault. Hidex allows you to easily hide or unhide unlimited photos/videos from your photo gallery for free

To ensure the best security for your photos and videos, Calculator lock allows you to set your own passcode to access the real interface of the application. In addition, you can still use hide pics to do calculations like a normal calculator. Therefore, Photo vault / Gallery vault is the perfect secret calculator app for keeping your photos and videos away from other people.

Install Calculator photo vault- Hidden calculator now to experience these extremely useful features:

Hide pictures or videos easily
- Interesting interface, which can be used both for calculation as usual and Photo vault calculater
- Add photos to the Caculator hide ,Hidex and hide them quickly
- High security, require a password when hiding photos and videos
- Easy to unhide photos/videos quickly
- Allows sharing of secret images with friends and relatives

Multi-function password setting
-Create a password to lock photos/videos quickly
- Retrieve the password easily by entering "11223344 ="
- Smart security confirmation question when forgetting the password

Calculator lock Have convenient photo/video viewing mode
-Zoom in, zoom out, and full-screen photos viewing modes
-Experience better video viewing with screen rotation modes or touch the sides of the screen to playback video

Professional photo and video management with Photo vault , Gallery vault
- Sorting photos/videos by name, file size, or file creation time according to user's needs.
-Show full information of the hide pics such as name, save location, total media amount, or album size
-Filter photos and videos by timeline or by album
-Create a favorite album and make a copy of that album for more efficient storage

With Calculator photo vault, Caculator hide you can easily transfer photos or videos from your phone's public gallery into the vault for privacy. Hidden calculator keeps your photo albums absolutely secure thanks to its smart password and interface. Download Photo vault calculater now to get the best privacy for personal photos/videos on your phone.


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Calculator Photo Vault
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