Valley Tracker

Valley Tracker

An unofficial diary / tracker for Stardew Valley. Never miss important events!

Valley Tracker
Valley Tracker Valley Tracker Valley Tracker Valley Tracker

This is an unofficial diary / tracker for the game Stardew Valley that helps ensure that you never miss a birthday or important event again!

You can browse the calendar to see what is occurring each day. It will tell you about villagers' birthdays, events and festivals, as well as general things that you might want to do that day (e.g. visit the travelling cart on Fridays and Sundays, watch The Queen of Sauce on Sundays for a new recipe, and plant a Rare Seed on the first day of Fall).

When it is a villager's birthday it will also display a card showing their loved and liked items so that you know what to give them as a gift.

There is also a Community Center bundle tracker that you can use to keep track of what items you have or still need to complete each bundle.

Valley Tracker is being continually updated, and I welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features.

This app has no official affiliation with Stardew Valley or Chucklefish Games.

About this version (1.0.7)

Initial re-release. Enjoy!

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Updated: 05 March 2019 (1427 days ago)
Released: 05 March 2019
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Valley Tracker
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