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Voice-enabled browser - Let change your browsing style & keep your eyes healthy!

 V Browser
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V Browser adds Text-To-Speech functionality to normal web browser allowing more freedom to your mobile web navigation.

Instead of boring web reading in small mobile phone screen you can listen to internet web pages while running driving cooking or while checking your emails typing your documents etc.

V Browser is a great browser for reading news stories novels and other long documents without straining your eyes.

Students who learn foreign language can use V Browser to read web pages in foreign language to improve their listen skill.

Especially V Browser is an excellent browser for individuals who have low vision or reading disabilities.

V Browser uses smart algorithm to analyze and extract main content from web page. And only main content should be read aloud.

Besides that V Browser provides all browsing features as every modern web browser does clear user interface quick rendering multi tabs history and bookmarking management Incognito mode etc.

- V Browser requires Android 4.0 or later.
- V Browser uses system Text-To-Speech engines for reading. So you have to install appropriate TTS engine(s) for your language(s).

How to use
- Install V Browser from CH Play.
- Open V Browser.
- Language and voice settings Click to Language button at bottom of screen and select your language and voice which text should be read by. You can adjust the voice pitch reading speed too.
- Navigate to your web page as in normal web browser.
- V Browser analyzes the web page extracts main content from active web page and if succeeded the play button at bottom of screen becomes green. If play button doesn't get green for a while try refreshing the web page.
- Click to Play button for listening.
- Use Pause and Stop button as needed.

Supported languages
- V Browser supports all languages that your system offers. Actually Google TTS that normally comes with your phone and is freely available in Play Store provides high quality voices for nearly 20 languages. For Vietnamese install vnSpeak TTS.

- Generally V Browser can work with any web page. But there are some web pages (especially the web pages that load content by javascripts) V Browser may extract main content incorrectly or even can't read anything. Don't be sad ) !

Let change your browsing style and keep your eyes healthy!

About this version (1.3)

Added labels to few unlabeled buttons.

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Size: 2 MB
Version: 1.3 by digiXMAS
Updated: 04 February 2016 (1764 days ago)
Released: 27 December 2014
Installations: more than 10 000
 V Browser
5 Stars: 190
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2 Stars: 6
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