UserAdvocate by UXArmy

UserAdvocate by UXArmy

Be a User Advocate at UXArmy|Get paid to test Mobile Apps, Websites & Prototypes

UserAdvocate by UXArmy
UserAdvocate by UXArmy UserAdvocate by UXArmy UserAdvocate by UXArmy UserAdvocate by UXArmy UserAdvocate by UXArmy

Website/Mobile App/Prototype owners take your feedback to improve the User Experience of their Website/Mobile App/Prototype.

The Test consists of 3-5 tasks and takes about 15-30min to complete. You earn $10 for every successful Test submission.

Website/Mobile App/Prototype owners choose the candidates for specific profiles that fit their target audience before inviting them to do the Tests. It is necessary that you complete your profile to help you get a Test.
Here is what you need to do
Download the App and sign-up as a User Advocate.
Completely Fill out your profile.
Take the Trial Test and successfully pass the criteria.
You’re now ready to receive a Test invitation if your profile is a match.

(If you have received an invitation with an Invitation Key you can take the Test as a Guest Tester without having to follow the steps 2 and 3. You also can sign-up as a User Advocate to keep receiving the Tests.)

NOTE Remember that each Test has a quota for the number of respondents so try to respond to the Test invites as soon as possible.

Important Guidelines before starting the Test

Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi and that the connection is stable.
The App will only save your feedback at the end of the completion of the Test. Once started you need to complete the Test or start all over again if you get interrupted halfway through.
The App records your screen interactions and voice during the Test.
You will get paid when the video you submitted is accepted by the website/ mobile app owner. Example A video submission with loud background noise is likely to be rejected.
Good feedback is sincere and actionable. Speak your mind while going through the tasks. Give recommendations where you can.
Sit in a quiet environment to give the Test (Use of earphones with a microphone is recommended).
Pay-out of Incentives may take up to 4 weeks from the day you submit the Test and it has been approved. Payments are made via PayPal.

Want to get real people to test your Website/Mobile App/Prototype? Sign up as a Client via


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UserAdvocate by UXArmy
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