USB MIDI Monitor

USB MIDI Monitor

View incoming MIDI events from a USB MIDI interface

 USB MIDI Monitor
 USB MIDI Monitor  USB MIDI Monitor

The USB MIDI Monitor lets you view all incoming MIDI events from your USB MIDI interface. The events are timestamped and the event type MIDI channel and values are displayed in a scrollable table. For control changes extra information is displayed if the control change is a known type like volume or panning.

Note that this app requires the following items
* Android 3.2 or higher
* Tablet or phone with USB host support
* USB MIDI interface that works without drivers on Windows or OSX
* If your device has a micro-USB connector a micro-USB to USB OTG cable (around 7 to 10 euro)
* No rooting or special drivers required!!

Tested Android devices
* Allwinner A13
* Sony Tablet S
* Acer Iconia A200
* Acer Iconia A500
* Asus Transformer Prime TF201
* Asus Transformer TF101
* Asus EEE slider
* Sony XPeria S (with Android 4 update)
* Galaxy Note 10.1
* Galaxy S3
* Galaxy S4
* Galaxy S5
* Intenso 824
* Nexus 10
* Toshiba Excite

Tested USB MIDI interfaces / devices
* Cakewalk / Roland UM-1G
* CME M-Key V2 Midi Keyboard
* Denon MC-6000
* Edirol UM-2EX
* EMU Xboard 61
* The 5 euro 'Hong Kong' interface (note this one drops MIDI events if they are coming in too fast!)
* Korg Nanokey 2
* M-Audio KeyRig 49
* M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
* M-Audio Keystation 61
* M-Audio Oxygen II
* M-Audio Pro keys sono 61
* M-Audio MIDI One
* Roland HP302
* Yamaha Clavinova CVP-605

If you have more devices or interfaces that work please drop me an email.

About this version (1.0.3)

• More devices should now be supported • Single MIDI bytes are now filtered • The app does not start anymore when a MIDI device is connected. Make sure to attach your MIDI device before starting the app. • No more ads • No exit screen

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Version: 1.0.3 by eXtream Software Development
Updated: 31 December 2013 (2492 days ago)
Released: 04 May 2012
Installations: more than 50 000
 USB MIDI Monitor
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