Road & Traffic Signs

Road & Traffic Signs

International Traffic & Road signs to follow rules and drive safe on roads

Road & Traffic Signs
Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs Road & Traffic Signs

Road & Traffic Signs are placed in specific areas to ensure the safety of drivers and to manage the road traffic. These signs indicate the driver when to stop what speed to drive which path to follow how fast to drive etc. It is very important to have a clear understanding of all the signs to ensure your safety and others' as well.

This app includes all the latest traffic/road signs (of the year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 and 2021) which you need to know to be a better driver. If you already have a license still you want to go through these signs to ensure that you know every sign. If you planning to give a driver's knowledge test or an actual drive test in the near future then this app will help you a lot because you will find numerous questions on signs in your driving test. 16 practice tests will help you to familiarize yourself with the actual test system.

- Learn Learn via different learning sets designed to provide you a unique learning experience.
- Take Test Test your knowledge before you go for the test.
- Traffic & Road Signs Refer to 154 unique traffic signs to become a master. You can use this as a reference or cheat sheet or training. (Road signs and meanings)
- Guess the Sign Guess the sign based on the description.
- Flashcards Study different traffic signs using flashcards mode.

Why should you choose this App?
- 154 international traffic signs to learn and practice of various category (Signs and their meanings)
- Test your knowledge with 16 road signs practice tests
- 16 tests to practice (Covering 480 unique questions)
- 100 unique flashcards

This app includes road and driving signs category wise and their meaning
- Traffic signs (stop yield a wrong way do not enter stop for the school bus etc.)
- Warning signs (Yellow) (winding road slippery road narrow road curvy road share the road railroad caution dead-end Signal ahead No trespassing etc.)
- Red and white regulatory signs (Red and White) (no u-turn no right turn no parking etc.)
- White regulatory signs (White) (speed limit two-way traffic no turns do not pass only left turn etc.)
- Highway construction and maintenance (Orange) (road closed road construction road work ahead etc.)

These signs are applicable in all countries like Russia Canada United States of America (USA) China Brazil Australia India Argentina Kazakhstan Algeria Greenland Saudi Arabia Mexico Indonesia Sudan Libya Iran Mongolia Peru Chad South Africa Egypt France United Kingdom (UK) Pakistan Japan Philippines Germany Turkey Thailand Kenya Myanmar Ukraine Poland Ghana Malaysia and 198 other countries.

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Road & Traffic Signs
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