US Politics News

US Politics News

News reports analysis and commentary on U.S. national and state politics.

US Politics News
US Politics News US Politics News US Politics News US Politics News US Politics News US Politics News

All of the news from Capitol Hill in one app! Full and unbiased coverage of the political news in the US, from all across the political spectrum.

The app provides an effective news summary with constant updates.

Primary features -

* A clean feed with no repetitive stories! For each story, view the different sources that covered it with a simple tap!

* Push notifications - stay up to date on the most important news and/on on your chosen topics (optional)

* Your very own news feed! Choose your favorite topics or simply block topics you don't like. Don't bother yourself with news that don't interest you!

* A wide political video channel.

* A built in-app Read Later feature to save any item you wish to read later!

* Join the community! Post stories or polls, comment on stories, and tag articles!

* Collapsed mode. An efficient reading mode that will let you skim fast through the news, on the expense of visuals.

* A great widget keeping you up to date even when you're busy!

The app brings news from hand-picked, established media sources, from all across the political spectrum. This allows you to get a range of viewpoints in one place. We suggest and encourage prudent news consumption - all the truth is never found exclusively in one source.

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Dear readers, it's time for an app update! We've worked hard to deliver a release that is more stable, compatible with more devices and is generally more pleasant to use. As usual, we're working daily to deliver you the most relevant news! Check out our new ad free subscription options! We hope you like it - if you do, please give the app a rating! Having issues? Please write us at Thanks! Yours, The Newsfusion team.

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US Politics News
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