UP - Alarm Clock free

UP - Alarm Clock free

Free & intelligent alarm clock with multiple functions for an optimal awakening

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UP - Alarm Clock free
UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free UP - Alarm Clock free

With the free smart and functional UP awakening choose your way to wake up (by playing gentle alarm or classic ...) in order to get up on your feet! Do not go to bed too late thanks to the notification of bedtime and grant you small naps with the nap timer.

Simple convenient intelligent and constantly improving are the keys to UP awakening to meet your wake-up needs through a varied and free choice of alarms.

Because it is above all a wake-up call the main functionality is to wake you up! However everyone has his way of getting out of bed (classic ring games smoothly ...). That's why we want to allow everyone to personalize his / her morning alarm clock.
UP offers in its alarm functionality

โฐ Classic Alarm Set a ringtone from the available sound library and set your alarm as you see fit. Connect your Deezer account to wake up with your favorite music or choose one from your library on your phone.

๐ŸŽฎ Mini-games for those who prefer to play directly with their eyes open choose one or more mini-games (and its difficulty) to perform at random when you wake up to be able to turn off the alarm.

๐ŸŽผ Soft Alarm (Progressive) For those who prefer a gentle morning alarm clock the volume of the ring will gradually increase until you wake up completely.

UP will accompany you in all your phases of sleep. This is why the alarm clock also has 2 practical features for everyday use

๐Ÿ’ค BedtimeNotification We rarely go to bed at the time we promised ourselves is not it ? To help you meet your commitments UP suggests you remember when it's time to go to bed. Set the time of your alarm and the number of hours you want to sleep to know the ideal time to go to bed (and do not regret the next morning).

๐Ÿ”” Sleep Timer Want a little nap ? Quickly set a predefined alarm between 20 and 60 minutes or customize it!

Simple free and easy to use UP alarm clock also has 3 other essential features

๐Ÿ•œ Stopwatch Play with time as you like with the easy-to-use stopwatch and its small practical stop-and-go functionality in certain situations.

โณ Timer Practical in many circumstances (not to miss the cooking of eggs).

๐Ÿ• Time Zone Find all the time zones across a multitude of cities to find out the times. Convenient when you have relatives around the world.

Features of the UP application
โœ” Alarm Clock
o Alarm
๐ŸŽผApp music
๐ŸŽผ Music library personal phone
๐ŸŽผ Deezer account
o Mini-Games
O Smooth
โœ” Sleep Timer
โœ” Bedtime Notification
โœ” Stopwatch
โœ” Timer
โœ” Time Zone

If you like the free functional and intelligent UP clock you can support us by noting this application and dividing it. If you have any questions or find bugs please send an email to marketing@lecoindesapps.fr so that you can make corrections quickly.

Also do not hesitate to be part of your remarks to improve the demand according to your needs.

Regular updates will be provided to provide you with a complete functional and intelligent alarm clock you want to customize your alarms.

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Minor bug fixes

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UP - Alarm Clock free
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