Do you like relaxing games? Unpuzzle levels piece by piece, it's quite fun!

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With no way to get stuck this is one of the best relaxing games you can download. There is always a next step and if you can't find it - use a hint or even skip the level.
In addition your progress is saved after each successful move so you can just relax and enjoy this calming experience. Take a break whenever you want and come back later to continue from the same place.

You won't need to read explanations and tutorials for any of the 15 piece types you'll learn just from playing. It starts as a super simple game with one simple idea but unfolds into more and more interesting yet always relaxing experience.

Another thing which makes great relaxing games is a good difficulty progression. The game will never feel too hard or unfair but there will always be enough challenge to keep it fun. Some more difficult levels alternate with easier ones to create the optimal relaxing game experience.

Can't sleep at night? Want to relax before bed? Now it's even more soothing with the night mode. Dark colors in this mode will preserve your eyes. And with such a calming and relaxing game flow it can become one of your favorite night games!

UnpuzzleR main features
- Unique and simple game idea
- Soothing music
- Good difficulty and learning curves
- Night game mode with calming colors
- 15 unique puzzle piece types
- Relaxing game experience


About this version (1.5.4)

Other versions

1.3.0 released on 11 June 2020 (174 days ago)
1.1.2 released on 08 January 2020 (329 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 10 MB
Version: 1.5.4 by just some games
Updated: 12 November 2020 (20 days ago)
Released: 29 November 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
5 Stars: 3265
4 Stars: 590
3 Stars: 147
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 49

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