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Uno Gallery

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Uno Gallery
Uno Gallery Uno Gallery Uno Gallery Uno Gallery

Uno platform is a .NET Library to enable true cross-platform development using the WinUI APIs as a common ground.

This application showcases Material and Fluent themes and additional features of Uno platform library.

Uno Platform key features

Support for MVVM Patterns data-binding styling animations controls and datatemplating.

Benefit from Live UI Editing with Visual Studio's Xaml edit-and-continue.

Compatible with existing UWP projects/codebases.

Easy access to the underlying platform APIs.

Controls and panels respect UWP's API but inherit directly from Native classes. Developers have complete control if platform-specific tweaks are required.

About this version (1.4.1)

Try out the new Fluent and Material styles

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Version: 1.4.1 by nventive
Updated: 12 August 2020 (196 days ago)
Released: 09 May 2018
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Uno Gallery
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