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Unit Converter

Measurement unit conversions -- plain and simple

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 Unit Converter
 Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter  Unit Converter

Unit Converter provides a simple method to convert a quantity from one measurement unit to another measurement unit. Select the type of measurement and then enter the value in the appropriate unit. The conversion for all units is then displayed. Units are displayed largest to smallest.

Maximum displayed decimal places can be set for 1 to 6 places. Setting is global or can be set for each conversion. By default Converted values are rounded to four decimal places for display. Trailing zeros are dropped. Scientific notation to four decimal places is used for display of values greater than 999 999 or less than 0.001 (for four decimal places). (Accuracy may degrade due to accumulated rounding errors.)

Also provides a numeral system conversion -- binary octal decimal hexadecimal.

Simple operation
-On first screen select measurement type.
-Scroll to the measurement unit for input.
-Input measurement value. Enter double tap or change
focus to display converted values.
-Scroll to desired measurement unit for converted value.
-Double tap to clear values for new input.
-Swipe to return to first screen.
-Swipe first screen to exit application.

Measurement types and units are

Township Square Mile Section Square Kilometer
Legal Subdivision Hectare Acre Square Arpent
Rood Square Chain Are Square Perche
Square Meter Square Yard Square Foot Square Inch
Square Centimeter Square Millimeter Square Mil
Circular Mil Square Kilometer

Nautical League Statue League Nautical Mile
Statue Mile Kilometer Furlong Arpent Engineer Chain
Surveyor Chain Perche Rod Fathom Pace Meter
Yard French Foot Foot Engineer Link Surveyor Link
Inch Centimeter Pica Millimeter Point Caliber
Mil Micrometer Micron

Long Ton Tonne (Metric Ton) Megagram Ton
Hundredweight (Long) Hundredweight Cental Slug
Stone Kilogram Pound Pound (Troy) Assay Ton (Long)
Ounce (Troy) Assay Ton Ounce Dram (Troy) Dram
Pennyweight Scruple Gram Carat Grain Point
Milligram Microgram

Numeral System
Binary Octal Decimal Hexadecimal

SI Prefix
Exa Peta Tera Giga Mega Kilo Hecto Deca unit
Deci Centi Milli Micro Nano Pico Femto Atto

Reaumur Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin Rankine

Millenium Century Decade Year (calendar) Month (mean)
Week Day (mean solar) Hour Minute Second Millisecond

Megameter Per Second Mile Per Second
Kilometer Per Second Mile Per Minute Meter Per Second
Knot Nautical Mile Per Hour Mile Per Hour
Foot Per Second Kilometer Per Hour Foot Per Second
Meter Per Minute Centimeter Per Second Foot Per Minute
Millimeter Per Second

Dry -- Petrograd Standard Cord Cubic Meter Cubic Yard
Hectoliter Bushel (Imperial) Bushel Cubic Foot
Peck (Imperial) Peck Gallon (Imperial) Gallon
Board Foot Quart (Imperial) Quart Cubic Decimeter
Liter Pint (Imperial) Pint Cubic Centimeter

Liquid -- Acre-Foot Register Ton Cubic Meter Stere
Cubic Yard Hogshead Barrel (Imperial) Barrel (Oil)
Hectoliter Cubic Foot Gallon (Imperial) Gallon
Quart (Imperial) Cubic Decimeter Liter Quart Fifth
Pint (Imperial) Pint Cup Cup (Imperial) Gill (Imperial)
Gill Fluid Ounce Fluid Ounce (Imperial) Cubic Inch
Tablespoon Tablespoon (Imperial) Teaspoon
Teaspoon (Imperial) Dram Dram (Imperial)
Cubic Centimeter Milliliter Minim Minim (Imperial)
Cubic Millimeter Lamda

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