Unicorn Icon Pack

Unicorn Icon Pack

Transform your phone icons into beautiful unicorn style icons and wallpaper!

Unicorn Icon Pack
Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack Unicorn Icon Pack

A magical mix of purple, pink, and blue colors with a splash of teal over uniform designed iconography, hundreds of wallpapers included, with support for all popular launchers.

Also available in a dark version here! https://bit.ly/2GZSF00

Unicorn Icon Pack
• Over 6000 true-to-stock shapeless icon designs
• Multi-colored unicorn colors with beautiful effects
• Dynamic calendar support (icon changes each day)
• Multiple alternate colors and icon styles available
• Alternate system icon designs: OnePlus, Pixel, Samsung, Moto, HTC, Asus, LG and many more to choose from!
• Send any missing icon requests to complete your look

Easy-to-use Unicorn Dashboard App:
• Auto-apply icons to most popular launchers
• Icon showcase with category support
• Quickly switch between icon designs with built-in icon search
• Tap to send missing icon requests directly to request server
• Over 400 matching wallpapers included
• Apply (or save) a huge assortment of exclusive custom wallpapers
• Easily copy color swatches from wallpaper collection

Even more!
• Includes built-in matching Kustom widgets
• Donate options available to support future releases

Over 20+ launchers supported:
- Nova, Pixel (via Awesome Shortcuts), ADW / ADW EX, Action, Apex, GO, Google Now, Holo, LG Home, Lawnchair, LineageOS, Lucid, Niagara, OnePlus, Posidon, Smart, Solo, Square Home, and TSF 3D
- Most other launchers can apply icon pack from your launcher settings
- You can use Adapticons or similar app to apply icons to launchers without icon support

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Thank you for your support! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

- Auto apply to supported launchers, open Unicorn App - Apply - Choose launcher
- Send an icon request, open Unicorn App - Request - Select Apps - Tap Request Icons
- For wallpaper, open Unicorn App - Wallpapers - Choose - Save or Apply. New wallpapers added frequently!
- Search or find an alternate icon:
1. Long press icon to replace on homescreen - Edit/Icon options - Tap icon - Select theme Unicorn App - Press arrow at top right to open Icons
2. Tap to access different categories or use search bar to find alternate icon, tap to replace, done

Email any issues or questions you may have or contact me on:
- DDT Discord Channel https://discord.gg/pccZGwW
- Drum Destroyer Twitter https://twitter.com/drumdestroyer

About this version (12.3.0)

*Icon requests are now working again! All-new Pacific Manager system to streamline your requests! Be sure to send in your requests. Much more coming soon, thank you for your support!

Other versions

12.1.2 released on 24 February 2022 (279 days ago)
12.1.1 released on 23 February 2022 (280 days ago)
12.0.0 released on 27 January 2022 (307 days ago)
11.7 released on 15 June 2021 (533 days ago)
11.6 released on 16 May 2021 (563 days ago)
11.5 released on 27 February 2021 (641 days ago)
11.4 released on 29 December 2020 (701 days ago)
11.3 released on 04 December 2020 (726 days ago)
11.2 released on 15 November 2020 (745 days ago)
11.1 released on 07 November 2020 (753 days ago)
11.0 released on 15 August 2020 (837 days ago)
10.9 released on 28 March 2020 (977 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 12.3.0 by DrumDestroyer Themes
Updated: 04 March 2022 (271 days ago)
Released: 25 April 2017
Installations: more than 100 000
Unicorn Icon Pack
5 Stars: 756
4 Stars: 158
3 Stars: 31
2 Stars: 31
1 Star: 82

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