Umbrella: Security made easy

Umbrella: Security made easy

Digital and physical security for people at risk. (BETA)

Umbrella: Security made easy
Umbrella: Security made easy Umbrella: Security made easy Umbrella: Security made easy Umbrella: Security made easy Umbrella: Security made easy

The all-in-one app for digital and physical security. Learn about the latest risks and how to mitigate them. Designed and used by journalists aid workers human rights activists and people travelling in high-risk areas.

Got a digital or physical security problem? Umbrella has the solution when you need it most. (Currently in BETA)

★What’s the best way to speak with someone securely?
★How do I send a secure email?
★How should I prepare to go through a border or airport where I may be searched or my devices seized?
★What is the safest way to protect myself during a protest?
★How do I know if I’m under surveillance?
★How do I meet with a source in the field?
★How should I respond if a colleague is kidnapped or detained?
★How can I protect my sensitive files?
★What is the latest information about security problems in my area?
★How do I deal with the effects of extreme stress?
★And much much more...

★★★Now Available in English Spanish Russian Farsi Chinese (Traditional).★★★

Umbrella provides step-by-step advice to help you and your team operate safely in a hostile environment. Whether you are sending sensitive emails attending a protest or dealing with a kidnapping Umbrella is your one stop shop for the latest security tools and information.

Lessons help you learn about a topic checklists help you follow through. Keep track of your progress in the dashboard. Report incidents with forms. Feeds update you with threat alerts from trusted sources like the UN ReliefWeb Global Disaster and Alert Coordination System and Centres for Disease Control.

Your data is encrypted on your device so we don't have access to it. Add extra security with a password. In an emergency disguise Umbrella or integrate it with Ripple an app by the Guardian Project that you can download separately to hide it with a single swipe.
Umbrella has been created with input from the NGO media humanitarian aid and open source technology communities.

We can't wait to hear your feedback so send suggestions to

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About this version (1.0.32)

Fix for layout making submission in Advanced search difficult Added next and submit buttons to keyboard in Advanced search Fix mask mode issues Prevent sleep at initial download Other stability improvements

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Umbrella: Security made easy
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