Ultracom NEXT

Ultracom NEXT

Ultracom NEXT for tracking Ultracom-dog tracking devices & outdoor activities

Ultracom NEXT
Ultracom NEXT Ultracom NEXT Ultracom NEXT Ultracom NEXT Ultracom NEXT Ultracom NEXT

High-quality terrain maps, satellite maps, sea maps with marking and drawing features give you ability to live track your Ultracom dog tracking device in any hunting situation. Subscription includes highly detailed maps from many EU-country. Available map details and material varies by the country.

Application can also be used for all outdoor activities.

Change quickly the target to be tracked directly on the map and see all the necessary information from the dog such as barking amount, speed and route. Change the scale quickly with one-hand zoom and floating map option.

Versatile tools to make quick and easy map markings. Possibility to draw areas, measure distances, add markers and pins, create map collections, add external map layers (material support depending on a user country) and share them with friends and your hunting group.

Easy to create new groups, invite friends to join the group with an invitation link, add your dog to your friend's group, share map markings with the group.

Replay and relive your adventure.

Dog Data™ features advanced tools to track and share your dog's activity and working performance. Advanced calorie burn calculator based on dog's profile and working data. You can easily share information directly from the app.

You can view your dog’s daily activity, strain level and calorie burn or assess your dog’s working information, such as search rounds, chasing and game work. You can analyse information between two selected points such as the length and extent of the search round, barking information, and speed information.

About this version (2.0.0)

· Added a new group-based cross-tracking that allows you to merge Ultracom and Tracker groups. · Modified the trajectory of the tracked object so that it stands out clearly from other traces. · Added German as a language option (now includes Finnish, Swedish, English and German). · Other minor technical changes.

Other versions

1.6.1 released on 07 May 2021 (85 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 29 April 2021 (93 days ago)
1.5.0 released on 15 February 2021 (166 days ago)
1.4.0 released on 22 December 2020 (221 days ago)
1.3.0 released on 17 November 2020 (256 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 28 October 2020 (276 days ago)
1.2.0 released on 12 October 2020 (292 days ago)
1.1.5 released on 05 October 2020 (299 days ago)
1.1.4 released on 21 September 2020 (313 days ago)
1.1.2 released on 11 September 2020 (323 days ago)
1.1.1 released on 04 September 2020 (330 days ago)
1.0.0 released on 03 August 2020 (362 days ago)
varies with device released on 26 June 2020 (400 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 30 MB
Version: 2.0.0 by
Updated: 19 June 2021 (42 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Ultracom NEXT
5 Stars: 107
4 Stars: 44
3 Stars: 9
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 1

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