UDP Sender / Receiver

UDP Sender / Receiver

Test delivery of UDP packets between 2 installed instances of this application.

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UDP Sender / Receiver
UDP Sender / Receiver UDP Sender / Receiver UDP Sender / Receiver UDP Sender / Receiver

-UDP Sender / Receiver is a simple utility application that allows you to send UDP datagrams to another client (perhaps to another instance of this application running on another device) or allows you to just listen for UDP packets. Messages can be sent as either ASCII or HEX.

-There are two modes the application can run in, Send / Receive or Receive only. Send / Receive allows you to send UDP datagrams and if selected, to listen for a response based on the timeout you set. Receive only listens indefinitely for UDP packets and outputs the result in the response section.

-Big advantage not found in other UDP applications is that it allows you to specify the local port to bind to. This is useful if you are trying to diagnosis NAT problems (Full Cone Nat, Port Restricted NAT or Symmetric NAT).

-Outputs the sender (destination) IP the datagram was received from. Outputs the sender (destination) port the datagram was received from as well. This is useful to diagnosis NAT problems.

-Gets and displays your local IP by clicking the overflow action item and clicking 'My IP Address'.

-saves the local port, remote ip and remote port to the application's preferences.

-If you find the application useful, please like or comment.

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UDP Sender / Receiver
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