TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)

TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)

The fastest, user-friendly and easy to use remote control app for Sony TV.

 TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)
 TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)  TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)  TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)  TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)  TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)  TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)

With this app "Remote Control for Sony TV" you can use your smartphone to control your Sony TV.
You can choose between network (WiFi / WiFi Direct / LAN) IP control or infrared (IR) control.

★ Infrared (IR) control
Works on phones and tablets with built-in IR blaster (infrared port) such as Samsung Galaxy S series until S6 HTC ONE LG G3/G4/G5 Xiaomi Mi / Redmi / Note Huawei Mate / Honor and many more.
No setup required. No WiFi required. It's ready to use (no need for pairing with the TV).
- Tested on Samsung Galaxy series (S4 / S5 / S6 and Note phones and tablets excluding Galaxy S7 & S8 which do not have IR hardware) running on original Android 4.4+ firmware (not CM/LineageOS).
- Also works on some older Samsung devices running on Android 4.1 - 4.2.2
- Please note that you must point your phone’s IR blaster directly at the TV. Usual working range is 4-10ft (1-3 meters max ~5 meters).
- With some phones in power saving mode or with almost empty battery the IR blaster might not work or range is less then 5ft (2 meters).

★ Network IP control (WiFi / WiFi Direct / LAN).
- Make sure the Sony TV that you want to use is turned [On].
- Make sure your mobile device and TV are connected to the same local/home network.
- When registering/pairing a Bravia TV make sure that "Remote Device" / "Renderer" in the settings of TV is set to [On].
- If you have refused the registering/pairing confirmation message on your TV then you can change your selection later in TV's settings (usually it's located at HOME / Settings -> Network -> Home Network Setup -> Remote Device -> Remote Device List).

- If the TV was not found then it is also possible to enter the TV's IP address manually. To find out you TV IP address go to TV [ Settings ] / [ Network ].

List of compatible TVs
2011 models
XBR-HX92 series KDL-HX92 series KDL-HX82 series KDL-HX72 series KDL-NX72 series KDL-EX72 series KDL-EX62 series KDL-EX52 series KDL-EX42 series KDL-EX32 series KDL-CX52 series KDL-CX40 series
2012 models
XBR-X90x series KD-X900x series XBR-HX95 series KDL-HX95 series KDL-HX85 series KDL-HX75 series KDL-NX65 series KDL-EX75 series KDL-EX65 series KDL-EX55 series KDL-EX54 series
2013 models
XBR-X90xA series XBR-X85xA series KD-X900xA series KD-X850xA series KDL-W95xA series KDL-W90xA series KDL-W85xA series KDL-W80xA series KDL-W70xA series KDL-W67xA series KDL-W65xA series KDL-W60xA series KDL-S99xA series
2014 models
XBR-X95xB series XBR-X90xB series XBR-X85xB series KD-X95xxB series KD-X90xxB series KD-X85xxB series KD-X83xxC series KD-X80xxB series KDL-W95xB series KDL-W92xA series KDL-W90xB series KDL-W85xB series KDL-W83xB series KDL-W8xxB series KDL-W7xxB series KDL-W6xxB series KDL-W5xxA series
2015 models
XBR-X94xC series XBR-X93xC series XBR-X91xC series XBR-X90xC series XBR-X85xC series XBR-X83xC series XBR-X80xC series KD-X94xxC series KD-X93xxC series KD-X91xxC series KD-X90xxC series KD-X85xxC series KD-X83xxC series KD-X80xxC series KDL-W95xC series KDL-W85xC series KDL-W80xC series KDL-W75xC series KDL-W70xC series KDL-W600A series
2016 models
*KDL-W/WD KLV-W Series (2016 model) are not compatible (except for KDL-W800D/W950D).
2017 models
*KD-X Series (2017 model) are not compatible.

The purpose is not to replace the original TV remote but this app is handy in emergency situations (original remote is lost empty batteries etc).

If this app doesn't work with your phone or TV then feel free to e-mail me (your exact TV and phone model). Then I can try to add support for your phone or/and TV model.

This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Sony Corporation. Sony is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

About this version (1.3.1)

Version 1.3.0 - Fixed [i+] button. - Fixed pairing with newer Bravia TVs. - Turn [On] the TV over network (when in standby and TV permits this function). - Other minor bug fixes.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 8 MB
Version: 1.3.1 by Dev Null
Updated: 02 March 2020 (233 days ago)
Released: 29 December 2017
Installations: more than 1 000 000
 TV Remote for Sony TV (WiFi & IR remote control)
5 Stars: 18891
4 Stars: 7248
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