Turns Timer

Turns Timer

Elegant timer for turn-based games

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Turns Timer
Turns Timer Turns Timer Turns Timer Turns Timer Turns Timer Turns Timer Turns Timer

Turns Timer is a multi-clock timer that can be used in games with time control where the players take turns. So it is basically a chess clock but with more that two clocks. The timer can be used in a variety of multi-player games to control the total time each player takes for his/her own moves.

Turns Timer is extremely easy to use. Just set up the timers (each one can be set with its own name and time) and start the first one. Then push the large button in the center of the screen to stop the current timer and start the next one, thus making it the next player's turn. If the current timer runs out, it gets excluded, letting the other players continue the game.

Some of the key features:
- simple yet elegant design;
- customizable sound;
- easy to set up and organize timers;
- an option to add increments for timers;
- an attack mode, that lets you manually select the next timer to switch to;
- timeline that shows how much time has passed for each turn.

Icons: https://icons8.com.
Sound: https://www.freesfx.co.uk, https://www.zapsplat.com.

About this version (1.4.9)

You can now long click/press on a timer in the list to edit its current time.

Other versions

1.4.8 released on 14 May 2021 (932 days ago)
1.4.7 released on 27 November 2020 (1100 days ago)
1.4.6 released on 31 October 2020 (1127 days ago)
1.4.5 released on 24 September 2020 (1164 days ago)
1.4.4 released on 24 April 2020 (1317 days ago)

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Updated: 28 November 2021 (734 days ago)
Released: 31 January 2017
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Turns Timer
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