Tunnel Runner Redux

Tunnel Runner Redux

Remake of the classic tunnel running game. Find the key and escape the maze!

Tunnel Runner Redux
Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux Tunnel Runner Redux

Get a move on, Tunnel Runner!
In this game, you don't look DOWN on the maze, you're in it.
Your objective is simple: escape from the maze. To do so, you must grab the Key hidden somewhere in the maze, and then find the exit of the maze, all of this while avoiding the maze monsters: the zots.
If you get caught by a zot, you'll lose a life; if you run out of lives, it's Game Over!
All you have is a map, and your tunnel running abilities. Also there's plenty of doors in the maze but who knows if they'll be helpful or not?

This game is a remake of the old 80's game called Tunnel Runner; which plays virtually identical to this remake.


► Gameplay faithful to the original game. Check the map, grab the key, don't get caught by the zots, find the exit.
► Increasing difficulty: The zots will move faster, less stuff will be shown on the map, and you'll run faster!
► STEREO sound! (You're probably gonna need headphones for this). Hear the Zots coming at you from any direction!
► Classic GAME1 (Predefined generated mazes) and GAME2 (Random mazes every time you play) modes, and introducing a new GAME3 mode, which allows for further customization of the generated mazes such as changing the size, the amount of doors or extra corridors, even the starting run level if you feel like quickly taking a challenge!
► Enhanced graphics and sounds, brand new pixels for these brand new zots!
► Help section which covers all the basic stuff as well as some hints and tips for advanced players, along with additional information regarding GAME3 and the OPTIONS menu. You should definitely check it out
► Ah yes, there's an OPTION menu to further tweak the game's graphics and controls (Stuff such as frame skipping, render resolution, invert stereo, disable music, etcetera)
► Just for fun, you can enable an option to be able to look up and down by tilting your phone up or down! It kind of makes the game harder to play but the option is there ;)
► Also a PAUSE function! (Press the MENU button on your phone to PAUSE the game!)
► Supports keyboard input, if you're not fond of touchscreen controls.

Developer notes:
This remake was conceived originally as a challenge to myself (the developer) to try to make a pseudo-raycaster engine in CF25's Android Exporter that was fast enough so that it was playable on my mobile phone. Because of this, the game is somewhat cpu intensive, so don't expect it to run at full speed (30 FPS) on your android device. If you manage to get around 23 FPS (which is what I get on my phone, at 5PX resolution) then you can play the game ;)

Resolution is set to 5PX by default, but you can try to set it lower and see if your device can handle it.
Or try enabling "AUTOMATIC RES" and let the game adjust it for you!

See the last few pages of the HELP? menu for more information on that.

If you can't play it on your phone, you can still play the PC version of the game (Which is literally the same thing, but on PC, which means it'll be 1400% faster, and you can play it with your keyboard!)
Download for PC on GAMEJOLT!

Feedback is welcome!


About this version (Varies with device)

-Minor update to target SDK 29

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Tunnel Runner Redux
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