Truth or Drink: Drinking Games

Truth or Drink: Drinking Games

The World's best drinking games

Truth or Drink: Drinking Games
Truth or Drink: Drinking Games Truth or Drink: Drinking Games Truth or Drink: Drinking Games Truth or Drink: Drinking Games

Truth or Drink is the all time classic drinking game, ideal for house parties, romantic dates, sleepovers and breaking the ice.

No matter if you’re spending the night with your closest circle of friends, complete strangers, the love of your life, or your awkward family – Truth or Drink has your back with the best questions that you could never come up with yourself.

The rules are simple. Answer the questions truthfully and perform the dares fearlessly. The player who received the previous card chooses who will draw the next one. No one likes quitters, so it’s on you to decide the appropriate punishment for those who chicken out.

Tons of different game modes and packs to keep your night going. Truth or dare, Never have I ever, Most likely to, and many more. Frequently updated with evermore content to make sure you’re always having a good time.

Truth or Drink features more than 700 thrilling questions in 7 unique packs.

• Ice breakers.

Are you prepared to tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Let’s break the ice and find out.

• Pick your poison.

Now that we’ve broken the ice, let’s take the game to another level with our hardcore pack.

• Never have I ever.

Do you ever experience embarrassing flashbacks? Let’s confess all those dirty little secrets with a game of Never have I ever.

• Do you dare?

Perhaps telling the truth is just getting too easy? Give this pack with dares only a try, we dare you.

• Most likely.

Now that we've all revealed our dirty little secrets, let's find out what we really think about each other with a game of Most likely to.

• Lovers.

Is date night going a bit slow? Don't worry, we got you covered. This is the ideal pack for couples and lovers.

• Frenemies.

Lovers come and go, but friends are forever. Let’s find out if that’s really true with the Frenemies pack.

We filled Truth or Drink to the brim with the best, hardest, most exciting questions and dares we could think of. We set out to create the perfect drinking game to enjoy with our friends, and we hope you will have as much fun playing it as we do.

So grab your best friends, a couple of drinks, and get your night started with a couple of rounds of the World's most honest drinking game.



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We've added two more amazing packs, Most likely to, and Frenemies. Enjoy!

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