Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker

Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker

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Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker
Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker

Caller ID is a smart app that helps you instantly identify unknown callers and reveals the person's identity calling you. Caller ID identifies the true caller by name to always know who is calling you before receiving the call. This app uses an intelligent aftercall screen to display the caller ids of unknown callers.

The caller ID app also lets you block annoying spam calls & telemarketers with one tap. Say sayonara to annoying junk calls forever.

The smart dialer feature lets you make phone calls directly from the Caller ID app. Simply set the Caller ID as your default phone app. You can manage your contacts, call logs, and call history directly from this true caller ID app itself.

Caller ID is the most powerful app to identify callers and block spam callers.

New Feature Alert

Call Recorder Caller ID now comes with a powerful call recording feature that automatically records all calls in HQ. Now record important calls, listen to them with our in-built audio player & share. Record calls without limits.

-> Block spam callers with one-touch.
-> The true caller id feature lets you identify who is calling you before receiving the call.
-> Caller ID also conveniently maintains your calling history and calls logs so that you can keep track of the phone calls you make.
-> Share & delete call logs for any phone number with one-touch.
-> Block spammers, robocalls, and unwanted contacts by adding them to the call blocklist.
-> Call, message, WA, and block any number from one page.
-> Make the Caller ID app your default phone app to make high-quality phone calls with any limits. Enjoy clear & crisp call quality at both ends.
-> This is a very lightweight true caller app with a small APK size and is an effortless & powerful app user experience.
-> HQ Call Recording
-> The Caller ID app is entirely free to use.

Why choose Caller ID as your go-to phone app?

1) Caller ID: The powerful true caller ID feature identifies callers before you receive the call so you can decide whether to pick up or hang up. It lets you find out who called you and block spam/unwanted calls instantly.

2) Call Blocker: We know how annoying it gets when you are doing something important, and spammers or telemarketers decide to call you with offers of no interest. At this moment, you'd probably wish you could block them from calling you; With the caller ID app, you can. This app lets you block calls from telemarketers, robocalls, scammers, fraudsters, sales, and more! This app will automatically block all future calls from your blocked numbers.

3) Smart Dialer: Simply make the Caller ID app your default phone app to enjoy next-level features. Now you can manage all your incoming and outgoing calls with this all-in-one dialer.

4) Manage Call Logs: Conveniently find your detailed calling history & recent calls, including your missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls with the date & call duration. You can also find a history of incoming, outgoing & missed calls from your favorite contacts. You can also easily share or delete any call log.

5) Safe: We value your privacy above anything else; hence we do not collect any information from you or record your calls or call history in any shape or form. We also do not sell, share user data with any third party. Everything on your device stays on your device.

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20.0 released on 01 October 2021 (366 days ago)
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Released: 20 April 2018
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Caller ID: Who Called, Blocker
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