Triple-Click Flashlight

Triple-Click Flashlight

Just click 3 times on your phone's hardware Power button and enjoy the light )

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Triple-Click Flashlight
Triple-Click Flashlight Triple-Click Flashlight Triple-Click Flashlight Triple-Click Flashlight

Simple flashlight.
To turn on the flashlight just click 3 times on your phone's hardware Power Button.
Make sure that you click not very fast (the screen should turn on/off).
So, if you click 3 times during 2 seconds interval (yo can change it in Settings), the flashlight will turn on. To turn it off, click 3 times again.

ATTENTION!!! In-app purchases are only used for donations!

โ˜… Works on every smartphone or tablet with flash, running Android 2.2 and higher
โ˜… Allows to turn on and off flashlight without looking on your phone's screen (using the hardware power button)
โ˜… Option to choose the time interval for the triple-click commitment
โ˜… Vibration feedback option on flashlight toggle
โ˜… Works even when the screen is locked
โ˜… Movable on the SD card
โ˜… Completely Open Source application. Absolutely free and has no advertising
โ˜… Multiple-language support (thanks to all translators!)
โ˜… Automatic switch off option

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About this version (1.1.7)

v1.1.7 Bugfixes and optimizations v1.1.6 App now can be installed only on devices which have hardware flashlight v1.1.5 Bugfixes v1.1.2 Option for automatic switch off Bugfixes v1.1.1 Option for the flashlight blocking while in call v1.0.8 / 27.02.2015 - Vibration issue fix v1.0.7 / 26.02.2015 - Fixes and improvements - Changelog added v1.0.6 / 25.02.2015 - Added Russian language - If the flashlight is turned on, you can see app icon in the Status Bar - Now you can make a donation

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Version: 1.1.7 by Tralchonok Labs
Updated: 16 May 2015 (2818 days ago)
Released: 24 February 2015
Installations: more than 1 000
Triple-Click Flashlight
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