Transport For Kids

Transport For Kids

Educational application for kids to learn transports and vehicles

Transport For Kids
Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids Transport For Kids

This app comes with so many learning flashcards with real pictures of cars.Transport For Kids application contains big collections of transports in HD Format. You can listen to the correctly
pronounced names of vehicles and vehicles.You will learn transport of the following kinds: rescue vehicles, farming equipment, construction vehicles for kids and military transport. There are different modes of transport in the app:

1. Air transport like helicopter, plane, jet, rocket, spaceship, aeroplane.
2.Land or ground vehicles like car, bus, trolley, train, excavator, fire engine, ambulance, police car, truck, bicycle, bulldozer, caravan, taxi, coach, limousine, lorry truck, motorbike, pickup, tractor.
3. Water vehicles like submarine, boat, ship, canoe, ferry, motorboat, sailboat

โœ” Vehicles sounds
โœ” Well- chosen vehicles photos
โœ” Correctly pronounced vehicles names
โœ” Vehicle photos with HD quality
โœ” Spelling of transports
โœ” Human voice for vehicles
โœ” Transport flashcards
โœ” Transports pictures
โœ” Real vehicles sounds
โœ” Spelling of vehicles

โ˜… Emergency situations an ambulance car, a fire engine, a police car, a rescue helicopter, a lifeboat
โ˜… Working machines a crane, an excavator, a tractor, a roller for laying asphalt, a harvester
โ˜… Military equipment armored personnel carrier, bomber, anti aircraft installation, warship
โ˜… Human pronunciations of all Transports
โ˜… On touch you can listen to sounds of vehicles
โ˜… Slideshow of Transport is available where you can sit back and watch your kid learn
โ˜… HD pictures of vehicles
โ˜… Real photos of cars and real vehicle sounds
โ˜… Vehicle flashcards

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Released: 22 October 2017
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Transport For Kids
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