Train Centric

Train Centric

Time Under Tension Trainer

Train Centric
Train Centric Train Centric Train Centric Train Centric Train Centric Train Centric

Train Centric is the new and interactive way to maximize your gains. We can guarantee you’ll be sore after integrating Train Centric into your normal lifting routine.

Train Centric will guide you to control the weight ensuring you are getting the most out of each rep and set. The majority of the people lifting weights neglect to put emphasis on each movement which dramatically impacts your results. The platform keeps you accountable like never before tracking each and every variable during your workout.

Leveraging each muscle contraction can help you establish a strong mind-muscle connection which directly impacts your results and performance.

The platform integrates tempos for each muscle contraction while tracking your rep sets and rest to keep your intensity high breaking plateaus.

Train Centric will transform your current workouts by simply increasing the intensity and putting more emphasis on each of your muscle contractions.

The app utilizes time under tension (TUT) and progressive overload allowing you to get the most out of every rep and maximize muscle gain and retention.

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Celebration confetti on a completed exercise Animation on isometric contractions Bug fix on inverse progress exercises

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Train Centric
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