Trail Sense

Trail Sense

Use your phone's sensors to assist with wilderness treks

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Trail Sense
Trail Sense Trail Sense Trail Sense Trail Sense Trail Sense Trail Sense Trail Sense

Explore beyond the reaches of the Internet with Trail Sense.

Trail Sense is an app that uses your phone's sensors to help you on wilderness treks. Trail Sense contains many tools that can be used in different scenarios, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, etc.

This app also does not, and will never, use the Internet - all information in Trail Sense comes directly from your phone's sensors, and no data will leave Trail Sense.

How can Trail Sense help you explore the wilderness?

- Place beacons and navigate back to them using your phone's compass
- Retrace your steps with Backtrack
- View your current GPS coordinates and altitude

- Predict how the weather might change
- Get alerted when a storm might be approaching (on phones with a barometer)

- See when the sun and moon will rise or set
- Get notified when the sun is about to set, so you don't get caught in the dark

Other Tools
- Use your phone as a flashlight or whistle to signal for help
- Measure using just your phone - useful for reading distance from a map
- Determine if surfaces are level, estimate avalanche risk, or determine the height of objects
- Convert distances, coordinates, weight, and more
- Create and manage packing lists
- And more!

Trail Sense is a tool that you can use, but not something you should rely on. This app is intended for information purposes only and the accuracy of the predictions and sensors are determined by a number of factors, including calibration, sensor quality, external sources, etc. Use at your own risk, always have backup tools (ex. compass), and stay safe as much as possible.

Found an issue or want a new feature? Contact me at or create a new issue on GitHub:

I'm the only developer of Trail Sense, so I will do my best to help out with issues - but I have a limited device selection to test on.

Privacy policy:

About this version (2.9.0)

- Lunar eclipses and Supermoons on Astronomy tab - Astronomy event notifications for meteor showers or lunar eclipses (enable in Astronomy settings) - Tap astronomy items for more details - Optimize solar panel alignment for remaining sunlight - Export weather readings to CSV (Weather settings) - Bug fixes

Other versions

2.8.0 released on 29 August 2021 (53 days ago)
2.7.0 released on 22 August 2021 (60 days ago)
2.6.1 released on 08 August 2021 (74 days ago)
2.5.2 released on 25 July 2021 (88 days ago)
2.5.0 released on 24 July 2021 (89 days ago)
2.4.0 released on 13 July 2021 (100 days ago)
2.3.2 released on 27 June 2021 (116 days ago)
2.3.1 released on 17 June 2021 (126 days ago)
2.2.3 released on 16 May 2021 (158 days ago)
2.2.1 released on 13 May 2021 (161 days ago)
2.1.0 released on 24 April 2021 (180 days ago)
2.0.0 released on 10 April 2021 (194 days ago)
1.9.0 released on 17 March 2021 (218 days ago)
1.7.2 released on 09 February 2021 (254 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 17 January 2021 (277 days ago)
1.5.3 released on 01 January 2021 (293 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 4 MB
Version: 2.9.0 by Kyle Corry
Updated: 25 September 2021 (26 days ago)
Released: 11 April 2020
Installations: more than 5 000
Trail Sense
5 Stars: 120
4 Stars: 8
3 Stars: 1
2 Stars: 1
1 Star: 2

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