Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

Companion App for your Tractive GPS Device - Never lose your dog or cat again

Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder
Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

Never lose your dog or cat again with Tractive GPS.

See where your pet is at all times with the app and your Tractive GPS dog or cat tracker.๐Ÿ˜ป ๐ŸŒ Keep them fit and healthy with activity tracking. ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ

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Main features:

โ˜† Track your dog or cat in real-time with unlimited range
โ˜† Monitor activity, keep your pet fit, and compete with other furry friends
โ˜† See your pet's location history
โ˜† Set safe areas - like your garden - with virtual fences, and get a notification if your pet leaves one
โ˜† Share location - let friends and family track your pet, and share real-time location with others
โ˜† Works in over 150 countries

Get the free Tractive GPS app. Get your pet tracker. Then start enjoying these features.

Unlimited Range
Tractive GPS trackers are the ideal pet accessory to track movement and keep an eye on your pet's location.

Activity Monitoring

Keep your dog or cat fit with Tractive GPS. Set activity goals, see how your furry friend compares to others, and get active with friends.

LIVE Tracking
Need extra reassurance? Go into the app's LIVE mode to follow your pet's every move in real-time, and get location updates every 2-3 seconds.

Virtual Fence (Safe Zone)

Mark an area - like your garden - as safe for your dog or cat. Get a notification as soon as they leave it, and as soon as they're safely back in it. You can set up several virtual fences, make them big or small, and move them easily across the map.

Find Mode

Pinpoint your dogโ€™s location in close range. The closer you get, the more circles fill up on your screen. Perfect for indoor tracking and when GPS signal is weak.

Location History & Heatmap

Find out your pet's favorite spots, where they've been recently, and what they've been up to.

Location Sharing

Let friends, family and others you trust (like walkers or pet-sitters) track location and activity. You can also share real-time location with anyone with a single tap - very useful if your pet runs off and you need help bringing them back home.

Interactive Map

View the location of all your pets with trackers at the same time, or zoom in on a single pet. Add all your pets with GPS trackers in the Tractive app. Switch between regular map view or satellite view.

Up to 5 days battery life

Always know how much power you have left on your Tractive GPS Tracker. The app will remind you if you're running low.

โ˜† The Tractive GPS app works with all Tractive GPS trackers. โ˜†

About this version (Varies with device)

New Activity Monitoring feature See how much active time your pet gets, track calories, set goals and keep your furry friend fit with the fresh Activity Monitoring feature.

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Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder
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