Tracker for Steam Achievements

Tracker for Steam Achievements

Track all your Steam achievements for your games.

Tracker for Steam Achievements
Tracker for Steam Achievements Tracker for Steam Achievements Tracker for Steam Achievements Tracker for Steam Achievements

This app will help you track all your Steam achievements. It will list you all your games and achievements. For achievement collectors, I will help you track them, Take notes on them and be more efficient in getting those achievements. We all know how tedious it is to search for every achievement in a game and keeping track of it, There are many achievements in a game that you may miss if you are not careful. This application will help you track them and keep tabs on them. This will help you get those achievement easily and reduces your stress and frustration.

This app contains following sections that will help you with your Achievement progress in games.

Main Page - In this section, All your Steam games will be listed here. You can select your games and check their status.

Game Page - Here all the achievements for the corresponding game will be listed. Here you can take notes on those achievements. Sort them by completion, name, hidden and more. You can also select and apply tags to them to quickly search for them. Five tags are implemented to quickly make you more efficient (Easy, Hard, Story, Miss, Grind). You can now plan your achievements by inputting custom data and notes for them. This will help as a guide when you are actually playing the game.

Settings Page - This page will help you setup the app properly to use with Steam Web API.

I hope this app will be useful for those Achievement collectors out there. Good luck on your Achievement collections.

DISCLAIMER: This app is not related to Steam or Valve or their registered trademark. This app is built on Steam Web API with key obtained from Steam and their permission. This is a user built app and is in no way related to Steam or their registered products.

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Tracker for Steam Achievements
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