Trace Anything

Trace Anything

Trace anything you want right from your phone! No printer or light box needed.

Trace Anything
Trace Anything Trace Anything Trace Anything Trace Anything

Trace Anything is a drawing app designed for anyone looking to improve their skills.

Whether you're a professional artist looking to master the art of portrait sketches or a beginner just trying to draw a heart that isn't lopsided, Trace Anything will guide your hand with an image overlaid on top of your work.

Simply upload an photo or line drawing that you would like to trace (or browse for one off the web for practice), adjust the image until it is easy to see, and position your phone above the page with a tripod, cup, or stack of books. Trace Anything will keep everything aligned while you trace the contours of the image. You can get set up in minutes, and there is no printer, tracing paper, or lightbox needed!

Because it doesn't rely on transparency, Trace Anything works with any art medium and any size: Pencil on paper, oil on canvas, hot iron on wood, and paint on a wall can all be traced from a reference photo on your screen.

NOTE: Trace Anything will make an image look like it's overlaid on top of your drawing, but the image will not actually appear on the paper! To use the app, you must trace while looking through the camera output on your phone’s screen, as smartphones do not yet have projection capabilities.


About this version (2.4)

New Features: - New Community for sharing artwork, asking questions, and sharing drawing tips. - Improved Help page for new users Bug Fixes: - Fixed formatting of "Contact Us" email template

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2.3 released on 17 January 2021 (1136 days ago)

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