TP-Link Omada

TP-Link Omada

Omada app is used for configuring and managing your TP-Link Omada EAPs.

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TP-Link Omada
TP-Link Omada TP-Link Omada TP-Link Omada TP-Link Omada TP-Link Omada

Omada app is used for configuring and managing your Omada EAPs. You can change settings, monitor the network status and manage clients, all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet.

Standalone mode is designed for managing EAPs right away without having to spend time configuring a controller. Each EAP is managed separately. This mode is recommended for networks which only have a few EAPs and require only basic functions, such as home network.

Controller mode works together with a software Omada Controller or a hardware Cloud Controller, and is suitable for managing multiple EAPs centrally. Controller mode allows you to configure and automatically synchronize unified wireless settings to all EAPs in the network. Compared to Standalone Mode, more configuration options are available in Controller mode.
You can manage EAPs in Controller mode in two ways: via Local Access or Cloud Access. In Local Access mode, the Omada app can manage EAPs when the Controller and your mobile device are in the same subnet; in Cloud Access mode, the Omada app can access the Controller across the internet so you can manage your EAPs wherever you are.

Compatibility List:
Controller Mode currently supports software Omada Controller v3.0.2 and hardware Cloud Controller (OC200 V1).
Standalone Mode currently supports the following models (with latest firmware):
EAP245 (EU)/(US) V1
EAP225 (EU)/(US) V3/V2/V1
EAP115 (EU)/(US) V4/V2/V1
EAP110 (EU)/(US) V4/V2/V1
EAP225-Outdoor (EU)/(US) V1
EAP110-Outdoor (EU)/(US) V3/V1
EAP115-Wall (EU) V1
EAP225-Wall (EU) V2
*The latest firmware is required and can be downloaded from
More devices supported by the app are coming soon!

About this version (4.0.8)

-Support Omada SDN Controller V5.0.x -Support New devices -Other UI improvements

Other versions

3.3.2 released on 08 July 2021 (144 days ago)
3.2.13 released on 15 June 2021 (167 days ago)
3.1.3 released on 07 April 2021 (236 days ago)
3.2.8 released on 07 April 2021 (236 days ago)
3.0.15 released on 23 November 2020 (371 days ago)
3.0.14 released on 03 September 2020 (452 days ago)
3.0.10 released on 13 July 2020 (504 days ago)
2.1.7 released on 23 July 2019 (860 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 12 MB
Version: 4.0.8 by TP-Link Corporation Limited
Updated: 12 November 2021 (17 days ago)
Released: 17 April 2018
Installations: more than 100 000
TP-Link Omada
5 Stars: 1564
4 Stars: 441
3 Stars: 115
2 Stars: 94
1 Star: 136

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