Toys Pop Blast

Toys Pop Blast

Blast toy cubes and match 3 blocks in 900 puzzle logic level of fun blocks pop!

Toys Pop Blast
Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast Toys Pop Blast

Toys Blocks Blast is a new cubes blocks pop game with unique and special game play like never before! the mission is to bring down the toy blocks to blast and complete the levels with 900 LEVELS and NO LIVES System like in other match 3 games play as much as you want and enjoy this great cubes blast and blocks pop game like you wont imagine!

when have trouble solving the blocks puzzle you will find many free gifts on your cubes pop journey as you progress you will collect special magic chest that will give you cube crushing surprises such as toy hammer blast magic toy cubes stick rainbow block crush brush and many many coins to spend in the game.

you can also spin the toy boosts wheel and win surprises so when ever you get stuck remember you can always use the special boosts and complete the level by just solving the toy block puzzle.

just tap on 2 or more nearby cubes from the same color and make them blast to the quest pop.
tap on 5 or more and get a rocket pop booster.
tap on 7 or more and get a quest pop bomb.
tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle that change cubes to different color.
tap on 11 or more and get the ultimate magic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast all cubes from the same color.

tap on a boost to activate it!
combine boosts to get super magic effects that will help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.

the goal is to blast the cubes and solve the level blocks puzzle the more cubes you pop the better boosters you will get that will help to solve the blocks puzzle and bring down all the toy cubes to blast.

as you progress you will encounter special cubes to pop
the snow frozen ice block that prevent you from blast toy cube.
the cloud rescue cube that spread and grow to near by blocks.
the wood craft box that will smash and blast when you pop cubes near it.
the block chain cube that will contain in jail your pet toy block and you will need to rescue them.
and whole lot more!

the game is challenging it look easy at start to help you learn it but afterwards you will have to think hard and consider your tactics we promise you that you will have the best time playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more and more there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks and smashing all the cubes.

this will be the best game you ever played start the block smash and cubes puzzle solving you wont be sorry!

About this version (1.0001)

900 blocks blasting levels!

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 26 MB
Version: 1.0001 by match games blast
Updated: 12 January 2018 (1192 days ago)
Released: 12 January 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
Toys Pop Blast
5 Stars: 551
4 Stars: 69
3 Stars: 55
2 Stars: 13
1 Star: 13

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