Toy cars

Toy cars

Race toy car & unlock new cool ones. Best in the Car Games category for kids.

Toy cars
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Toy Cars is free to play game in the car games category for kids and includes 3 different game modes:

โ— First is Free Ride, to explore environment, collect hidden coins and learn how to drive, if you are new in the "car games" category.
โ— Second is a Runner Game mode on a highway, where you actually race. Don't crash into other cars and avoid oil spills.
โ— Third is Arena where you fight others. Push and drop other cars out of Arena to win a trophy ๐Ÿ†.

Collect coins in all modes to unlock new cool cars.

Drive 11 different vehicles like cars, trucks and even a tank and a helicopter!
Take control of a fire truck, turn on your sirens in a police car and play any way you want!
Kids can drive various types of vehicles while they cruise around the town and discover all sorts of hidden surprises!

โ— Toy Cars is a free game and offers in-app purchases to collect additional coins.
โ— More than 10 different cars and each vehicle has it's special driving control!
โ— Cars are driven with buttons or a tilt, as in most car games.
โ— Includes city in a day light and city at night.

Car games and racing games are popular both in kids and grownups so enjoy our Toy Cars game, some may find it challenging and for some it will be simply fun.


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Toy cars
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