Tour Racer GPS

Tour Racer GPS

Make world! records using speedometer and instrument cluster.

Tour Racer GPS
Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS Tour Racer GPS

How fast your vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 Km/Hour ?
Then match the result with other real people around the world using Google Play Game Service.

How to measure the rate of acceleration using Tour Racer GPS?
Once the GPS startup is finished wait for the speedometer to reach 0.00 (if it is not).
Then wait for another 5 seconds until you see "Ready for '0 to Speed X' measurements" toast message.
Then start accelerating your vehicle to any desired speed of 40 60 80 ... 240. etc.
Then open the "Social Scores & World Scores" page to submit and view your scores.

How to participate in the world match ?
1. Be ready in any vehicle (car bike bus train plane walk/mountain climbing).
2. Enable the GPS from your device's notification area.
3. Launch the Tour Racer.
4. Tap the "Start GPS" button within the Tour Racer (Grant the permission if asked).
6. Once the "GPS startup dialog" disappears Start traveling to your destination.
7. Once the destination is reached tap the "Stop GPS" button within the Tour Racer.
6. Tap the the "Submit" button to submit your last score to the public or social circle.
7. Repeat the same for other future travels to update your improved scores.

More Details
Drive or travel in any vehicle with this App and compete with your friends and other people around the world by comparing "Top Speed" "Average Speed" "Traveled Distance" "Traveled Duration" "Altitude" etc.

Features at a glance
This app can be used for many GPS based purposes such as..

* GPS Speed Alarm (when exceeds a preset speed limit)
* GPS Distance Alarm (when covers a preset distance in trip meter)
* GPS Odometer Alarm (when covers a preset distance in odometer)
* GPS Altitude Alarm (when reaches at preset altitude)
* GPS Acceleration Measurement (Zero to 60Km/Hour within how many seconds)

Tour Racer comprises the following.
* How fast your vehicle accelerate from 0 to Xxx Km/Hour ?
* Speedometer
* Odometer Beginning of Time
* Trip Odometer
* Altitude (Altimeter)
* Top speed
* Top speed Map View
* Various Leaderboards & achievements.

Customizable Audio Notifications
These can be set by the user on the go.
* Maximum speed limit 1
* Maximum speed limit 2
* Target Top Speed
* Minimum Average Speed
* Trip Distance
* Odometer distance
* Altitude

You don't need to own a vehicle to use this app and be part of the Real-World Tour Racing!. Use your device with "Tour Racer" Application installed and running in any public or private vehicle and be part of the world match right now..!!

World Competitions or Leaderboards
* Highest Top Speed All (Surface & Air) competition
* Highest Top Speed on Surface competition
* Highest Top Speed in Air competition
* Longest Trip distance on Surface competition
* Longest Trip distance in Air competition
* Longest Travel distance (Surface & Air) competition
* Highest altitude by Climbing competition
* Highest altitude on Surface competition
* Highest altitude in Air competition
* Lowest altitude competition

Shortest Travel Durations Competition.
* Shortest travel duration for 1 Km on Surface
* Shortest travel duration for 1 Km in Air

Highest Average Speed Competitions
* Highest average speed for 1 Km on Surface
* Highest average speed for 1 Km in Air

Many more other Competitions
Competitions for Shortest Durations and Highest Average Speed for Kilometer rages from 2Km to 16000Km....!!!!


About this version (1.2.1)

*Bugs fixed for Android 9

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 4 MB
Version: 1.2.1 by mifthi
Updated: 19 June 2019 (670 days ago)
Released: 10 December 2016
Installations: more than 1 000
Tour Racer GPS
5 Stars: 36
4 Stars: 2
3 Stars: 3
2 Stars: 1
1 Star: 1

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