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Build strength and confidence from the inside out, as you choose from hundreds of workouts and train at home or in the gym, with our 5 world renowned personal trainers, Krissy Cela, Danyele Wilson, Melissa Kendter, Emily Chadiwck-Vint, Jen Landesberg and Saman Munir. However you like to train, our app has something for you! Whether you want to build strength, enhance your endurance or increase your mobility, we have the perfect training style suited to every ability! Select from our carefully created programs:

- Strength
- Barre
- Yoga

Or mix and match as you choose a style that suits you! We pride ourselves on helping every woman reach her full potential.

Get your first 14 days free! Feel motivated and inspired to take control of your life.

EvolveYou is built with you in mind, to push you to achieve your potential:
- Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced home and gym plans
- Schedule your workouts using our weekly planner
- Short on time? Try out 15 minute express workouts!
- A supportive global fitness community and in-app forum where you can get all your health and fitness questions answered, as you’re kept accountable the whole way
- Target area workouts for all muscle groups
- On Demand classes with all of our trainers!
- Win an exclusive EvolveYou t-shirt for 50 stars from your workouts

And that’s not all - we’ve even got your nutrition covered:
- 1000s of recipes for a range of dietary needs
- Full macronutrient calculations available for every recipe
- Create your own recipes, save and share with the community
- Schedule your meals and we’ll create your food shopping list automatically

EvolveYou is designed to help all women, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what stage you’re at - there is a workout and meal plan for every single one for you! Wherever you’re at, we’re here to help you move forward on your journey. Because no one is flawless. And there are no quick fixes. But together we can get stronger. Every day that you take care of yourself is a win. Every workout. Every meal. Every check-in. How you feel matters. And we all deserve to feel amazing, so let’s go!

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Brand new trainer incoming! Introducing Saman Munir with her new program Focus. Time to get excited as Saman has created our first ever dedicated HIIT program that can be done anywhere, anytime using minimal equipment. If you struggle to stay consistent and want to increase your fitness and strength in a way that feels fun and doable, then this is the program for you! Want to feel amazing and reach your full potential? Download the EvolveYou app now for a 14 day free trial!

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