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Today’s Youth
Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth Today’s Youth

Today’s Youth App – Of the Youth : By the Youth : For the Youth
(The Official App of Dada Bhagwan Youth Group –

‘Today’s Youth App’ is designed for the Youth to help them deal with day to day life situations by applying pure scientific understanding & practical solutions, without any ritual binding, as explained by Pujya Dadashri. This App directs to the main youth website cos of the responsive nature of the website. This shall be very useful for the Youth to access on any kind of devices anytime, anywhere with just a click on this beautiful App.

Highlights of the App-
1. Y-Hangout:
‘Live’ guided interaction with like-minded youth, helping each other excel knowledge & understanding.
2. Confession Box:
Clouded with negativity, feeling low, gripped in depression due to past repetitive mistakes, bad habits in life; no clue how to scotch free; ‘write, thrash, feel relieved’, it will direct you to the scientific understanding on ‘Divine Apology’, a unique ‘Shoot-on-Sight’ concept given by Pujya Dadashri to come out of sins & bad habits in life. Most important feature for the Youth today.
3. Awakening:
Articles on youth challenges & sufferings that ‘awaken’ the inner Self, thereby leading us to purity, divinity & spirituality, A must read section.
4. Akram Tube:
Enchanting videos on:
- Experiences – how youth handle situations with ease & understanding; very inspiring and helpful in applying spiritual science in daily life.
- Learn thru Stories – mesmerizing story telling by the Gnanis themselves – Pujya Dadashri, Pujya Niruma & Pujyashree Deepakbhai, explaining spirituality in fun-packed story-telling sessions, don’t miss it !!
- eMovies – short theme-based films, gripping the attention with emotions, cool effects, smart graphics and strong message for the Youth.
- Solutions of Problem – Hard hitting, to the point and highly effective gnan solutions directly from the Gnani Purush; helping Youth solve daily life situations & challenges.
5. Y-Zer:
An acronym of ‘Youth Energizers’; these are store of energizing videos for the heart, conscience & Soul with stunning examples & practical solutions for the Youth.
6. Serve:
Energy is so much associated with the Youth. ‘Serve’ program is designed for the Youth to drive their energies to positivity, involve and channelize their efforts & time in selfless services. ‘You Can Contribute’ gives them the opportunity to spend most of their vacation time learning new things, helping others and being satisfied by being involved in the Bigger Cause…
7. AkrampediA:
A private blog, shared by a Dada family Youth, encompassing scientific vision in Dada’s way, which helps Today’s Youth experience peace, harmony & right understanding through the stressed situations of life.
8. Akram Youth Magazine:
A monthly magazine for Today’s Youth, in two languages: English & Gujarati (launching soon in Hindi, German, Spanish & other languages), a good knowledge store to read, learn & share amongst Youth. One click & it’s in your device for free.
9. Games:
Best way to keep self occupied, here you can have fun along with learn (knowledge) attached in it.
10. And More:
Explore for more real fun:
* Inspirational & Spiritual Quotes
* Photo Gallery
* Youth Blog
* Follow Us on social media sites

What for Today’s Youth?
For Youth, a special cell under the umbrella name ‘Gnani Ni Chhaya’ (GNC), holds various activities, events, groups etc. on a regular basis to spread the pure scientific understanding, without any ritual binding, as it is, as laid down in the principles of ‘Akram Vignan’.
Dada Bhagwan Youth Group also encourages youth to get involved in various selfless services through its unique program ‘Serve’. ‘You Can Contribute’ incorporates ‘Serve’- a nicely designed program for the Youth to volunteer for seva in the beautiful, scenic Simandhar City and spend most of their vacation time learning new things while being involved in the Bigger Cause.

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