Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day

Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day

The simple daily inspiration, feel good, how to, live life to the fullest app.

Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day
Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day

Today is the app you have been looking for. Start your day with a bang. Listen to 60 second nuggets of inspiration motivation and life awesomeness to get you in the right mind anytime and everyday.

IT ONLY TAKES 60 SECONDS Wake up. Pause in the middle of the day. Take a moment to breath. Wherever you are you can stop and take 1 minute to center yourself and listen to some words of wisdom. Today App is the simple wellness companion that works for anyone anywhere.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. We all struggle with stress anxiety fear and the multitude of feelings that keep us from being the best we can be. Often we hear a little nugget of inspiration from a friend co-worker or loved one and BAM we’re back on track. That’s what this app is about.

WHAT THIS APP IS NOT This isn’t a 30 day mindfulness challenge. This isn’t a build a 20 minute daily meditation practice app. This isn’t a build or break habits app. This is not a breathing app or a go to sleep story app. Those apps are great and you should give em’ a try. But this app is much different and this app is all about less being more. It’s simple. It’s really really simple.

HOW IT WORKS Every day you’ll get a new wellness and self improvement anecdote about 60 seconds in length. You’ll get a push notification with a hint of what today’s nugget is all about but you can turn those off if you want. Then it’s JUST audio so all you have to do is close your eyes and listen. Tomorrow you will get a new nugget and every day after that another. With all the information overload we experience on social media at work on Google and everywhere we look this app is a breath of fresh air.

OUR PROMISE We will keep it simple. We’re not out to build a ton more features. We’re not going to bombard you with emails. We’re not going to sell your information to anyone in fact we don’t even have accounts. You download and start using Today App — and the first 7 days are free so you can really see how valuable the nuggets of life success and inspirational wisdom are before you subscribe. After that we ask you to subscribe monthly quarterly or pay a one-time lifetime access fee. You’re choice. You won’t be sorry.

SOME THINGS YOU’LL GET We cover just about everything human beings deal with in life. From anxiety relief to healthy eating confidence to courage exercise to career mindfulness fitness motivation spirituality (no religion tho) confidence and everything in-between. You never know what you’ll be feeling but you’ll be surprised at how perfectly each days motivational nugget applies to exactly what you’re going through right now.


Life throws us curve balls and we have to adjust our stance. Sometimes we’re stuck with lemons and we need to make lemonade. Maybe your job isn’t what you want. Or your love life isn’t going exactly how you want. Or perhaps you are just stuck. That’s life and it’s how we respond to life that makes all the difference. When we have some guiding principles that help us make good decisions have positive interactions with others take the right action at the right time and step up to the plat even when we are scared things tend to go our way. One quote we love to live by here at the Today App is “Life Always Works Out Most of the Time” — as strange as this statement might seem it’s oh so very true. If life really does work out most of the time then most of the time we’re in a much better spot than we think.

LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS This is what we want for everyone. Whether your download try or subscribe to this app we want you to have this in life. Today App is just another tool in your toolbox to help you reach your dreams. Now this might all sound corny but life is corny so go with it.

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Yay, first release. Hope you love Today App. Please contact us at if you have feedback or any issues.

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Today | Life Quotes & Motivation to Start Your Day
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