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Tjara App allows people to bring their existing business online or perhaps even start their own online business. Start your FREE Online store and give your business a much broader exposure to customers than was previously thought possible.

Tjara App provides an online marketplace that helps sellers reach more customers as well as giving shoppers an opportunity to explore a variety of new products and merchandise.

Tjara shoppers will have the opportunity to view products of every variety, compare prices and quality, and make purchases in a safe and diverse online environment.

At Tjara, our predominant vision is to challenge and overturn the traditional means of commerce, and to empower businesses of all sizes to expand through e-commerce.

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1.2.5 released on 02 November 2021 (201 days ago)
1.2.4 released on 22 October 2021 (212 days ago)
1.2.3 released on 16 October 2021 (218 days ago)
1.2.0 released on 28 September 2021 (236 days ago)
1.1.98 released on 20 September 2021 (244 days ago)
1.1.96 released on 14 September 2021 (250 days ago)
1.1.91 released on 06 August 2021 (289 days ago)

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