Time to Speech-7

Time to Speech-7

Can speak the current time periodically or by turn screen on.

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Time to Speech-7
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Key features

 * Can speak the current time periodically even if the screen is off and the application is inactive . Available time periods 15 minutes 30 minutes or 1 hour. You can set hours to speak the current time in any order for example from 9.00 to 12.00. This feature can be useful for controlling or reminding time at work rest study sports as an unobtrusive alarm clock etc. Attention on some devices when the screen is off the time signal may be delayed for several minutes;

* Can speak the current time by turn the screen on. May be useful to know the current time without removing device from a bag or pocket or in bright sunlight or with vision problems;

* Can be used as an application Live Wallpaper widget. This will display the original analog and digital clocks by large font. 12 and 24 hour time formats are supported in according to device settings. Also displayed current date month day of the week and battery charge. The name of the month and day of the week are displayed according to device language. The location and visibility of all additional information is adjustable in the settings. It is possible for an analog clock to set both a light and a dark theme. Additional options show second hand show digital clock use serif font select background color. Additional settings for PRO version select color of the dial primary and secondary colors edit logo. The PRO version has not ads.

* If set it as Live Wallpaper then you can call time to speech by double tap on free space of the screen. Also you can resize the clock and set any position on the screen for example put to top of the screen;

* Speak the current time by tap on the screen of app as option.

Warning! By default all sound options turned to off. Please set desired options by yourself.

Additional features
* 12/24 time speech format are supported (according to device settings);
* Full screen app;
* Vibration while speaking;
* Tap on widget to call app.

About this version (1.1)

* Optimization for widget; * Minor changes.

Other versions

1.03 released on 03 January 2021 (106 days ago)
1.02 released on 26 August 2020 (236 days ago)
1.0 released on 06 November 2019 (530 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 2 MB
Version: 1.1 by StyleSeven.com
Updated: 18 February 2021 (60 days ago)
Released: 06 November 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
Time to Speech-7
5 Stars: 187
4 Stars: 35
3 Stars: 20
2 Stars: 11
1 Star: 41

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