time lock for images

time lock for images

Hides images for a preset time. Once hidden there is no way to see them early

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time lock for images
time lock for images time lock for images time lock for images time lock for images time lock for images

Hide images for a pre-set time. No way to see them early

time lock for images can be used for several different purposes. For example:

• Time lock - a combination lock of a safe could be shot to reveal the opening combination at a future point in time
• Deferred messages - letters could be shot; the content could be read after a certain time only

With time lock for images, you can take pictures using the camera or select them from the gallery.

You can pick a time between one minute and 999 days. The image will be hidden for this time period. Once hidden, there is no way to show the image before the time has elapsed.

• Hides images from one minute up to 999 days
• Several images can be hidden simultaneously with different release times
• While an image is hidden a blurry thumb of the image is shown
• *It is difficult to circumvent the lock. Resetting the device clock does not help
• When taking a picture using the camera or selecting one from the gallery, time lock for images shows an indication for the relative sharpness of the image
• Camera preview hotspot cover to hide the interesting things during capturing
• The hide time can be extended at any time (of course it cannot be reduced)
• After images are released, they can be hidden again
• Random factor for release time
• Optionally hide the release time
• Optional notification on release

For more information, please visit the time lock for images web page: https://time-lock-for-images.de/

Feel free to send me e-mail in case of problems or suggestions, or contact me via twitter: @moritzboth , any feedback is appreciated!

In case of crashes or any malfunction, please report, we will fix it soon.

About this version (2.0.1)

New major version: Added online backup option for images. See web site for full details

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