Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar

Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar

Tibetan astrology for daily horoscope and lunar calendar 2022. Co star Faladdin!

Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar
Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar Daily Horoscope Lunar Calendar

✨ The free Norbu calendar app is based on ancient Tibetan astrology, which was used by doctors and monks, ordinary Tibetans and dignitaries. Now this knowledge has been adapted for the modern world and is available to everyone who is interested in astrology and Tibetan culture.

πŸ”₯ Daily horoscope will help you plan affairs and trips, and choose the best day for them. It also takes care of your health, which affects everyday life, business activities and communication. You'll receive daily advice for business, health and astrological descriptions of external circumstances, as well as advice for a lunar day.

We have added a personalized monthly and yearly forecast for you!

The Calendar app has recommendations for those who want to know a favorable lunar day for a haircut.

πŸ”₯ Tibetan astrology uses a different calculation of the moon phases. The beginning of the lunar day coincides with the beginning of the solar day, so it will be easy for you to use the lunar calendar.

❀️ In the horoscope, you can find recommendations not only for yourself but also for your friends and family. To do this, just enter their date of birth.
You can plan business in important areas of life according to the recommendations of one of the oldest astrological systems. The calendar is good for helpful recommendations. Please consider your own circumstances when making important decisions.

πŸ’ Free Calendar has favorable and unfavorable days, days for haircuts and travel, and moon phases. You can read general guidelines and add data for the second person.

The Premium let you see all personal recommendations for yourself. You can also add unlimited friends to your account by date of birth and see their personal horoscope for them.

Tibetan daily horoscope and lunar calendar β€œNorbu” has the following features:
● Personal daily horoscope by date of birth
● Annual forecast until 2027
● Indicators for each month
● Personal advice for health conditions, business activities and external circumstances
● Add profiles of your loved ones by date of birth: convenient for joint planning affairs
● Your personal Faladdin
● Tibetan lunar calendar 2022 and daily horoscopes, Zodiac sign
● Favorable days for haircuts according to the lunar calendar for 2022
● Your life balance wheel for the year

New energy aspects:

LA is a protective energy responsible for the integrity and harmony of the personality.
Very weakened LA corresponds to a state of burnout and depression. The LA energy is mobile and circulates through the body. La provides interconnection with external energies of the outside world.

Vang is our personal power, our ability to reach our goals. When Vang is strong, it promotes wealth and prosperity, avoids adverse situations and anything that can threaten vitality.

Sog is vitality or vital power. Similar to LA, but more internal. It provides the ability of the human body to grow physically. It is responsible for fertility and sensory perception.

Lungta - fortune. Fortune is usually associated with good external circumstances. When the relationship of our internal and external energies is harmonious, no unfavorable circumstances can invade our life. Symbolizes happiness, good luck, and the ability to avoid unfavorable situations.

Lu or body - is immunity, physical health energy, which keeps vitality.

Institute of Medicine and Astrology Men-Tsee-Khang
Professor CH.N. Norbu
Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology: A Brief Introduction. Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of H.H. the Dalai Lama.) Dharamsala, 1995.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Drung, Deu and Bon. The traditions, language and characters in the ancient Tibetan Bon. M., "Libris Nebula", 1998.

Use our knowledge of Tibetan astrology, full moon phase, lunar calendar, horoscopes to be more calm and peaceful. Get your mindfulness and serenity with us! Find your Peace in constellations and nebula.

About this version (2.8.19)

Annual forecast until 2027, Indicators for each month! Now you can customize notifications about lunar and favorable days, and change the app language in the settings! Choose favorable days for haircuts and travels, add friends and see detail predictions for them.

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