Thunee is a popular trick-taking card game that originated in South Africa.

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Thunee, after the Tamil word for water, is a popular trick-taking card game that originated in Durban, South Africa. Thunee is derived from the game 304 popular in India and Sri Lanka.

You can play Single Player or Multiplayer. Either way you will get the best thunee gaming experience ever in an app . It's a simulation of the real thing.

With multiplayer you can invite someone to be your partner or challenge them to a game. Easy to invite others using push notifications of whatsapp messages. The results and stats of games played with friends is stored and shown on the statistics page. Use it to boast about whose the best player in your circle.

Easy difficulty help beginners to learn the game with assistance and narration in play.

This app is fully customizable via settings/options where you can set it to the way you play or the style you like. Change options like:

- Choose between Difficulty Hard, Medium or Easy
- Choose to have score assistance for Medium & Easy. Get trick/hand values as they close and real time score.
- Choose when to be asked to bid (All the time or only when you have 3 or more of the same suit or J9).
- Offer win or loss early if you or your opponents have scored more than the required amount (set to on by default)
- Allow you to claim victory early (including Double and Khanuck claims)
- You can choose the length of time to take to clear a trick (hand). You can also choose to click on trick to clear. Note even if a duration is set you can click on trick earlier to clear it. (the default time is 1 sec)
- Includes vocal sounds for bidding, calling Jodhi, etc.
- Customize game appearance by changing background (or choose your own color with vignette effect). Change card packs.
- Choose to include Royals (Thunee with value of cards reversed ... Queens becomes Jacks, Kings becomes Nines, etc

Please read the FAQ under the help menu option.

About this version (3.10)

Improved AI Improved randomized deal shuffle algorithm Standardized rules for random online play Bug fixes

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3.0.7 released on 10 September 2020 (454 days ago)
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2.0.9 released on 27 August 2019 (834 days ago)

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