The War of Genesis

The War of Genesis

A Unique Strategy MMORPG Experience Awaits in The War of Genesis!

The War of Genesis
The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis The War of Genesis

The War of Genesis is the ULTIMATE mobile strategy MMORPG!
Go on an adventure in your own airship with memorable characters and giant Machina!
Go to war against fearsome monsters and the armies of Dark Armor to reclaim the continent of Antaria.
Experience captivating stories and become a true hero in a new strategy MMORPG!

✔ The War of Genesis features a large cast of heroes with unique abilities to adventure with.
✔ Control ancient Machina: Devastating machines of war that can turn the tide of battle.

✔ Battle using your ideal party of different Airships/Machina/Heroes!
✔ Customize your characters with different items and skills to suit your personal strategy.
✔ Research technologies to unlock new Airship capabilities and become the best captain!

✔ Perfect your strategy by hunting various monsters.
✔ Defeat raid bosses and fend off dark forces!
✔ Battle players around the world in intense, real-time war PvP!

✔ In this MMORPG, don’t adventure alone! Strengthen your forces by joining a guild!
✔ Assemble your fleet and warp into intense battles!
✔ Upgrade your guild base and defend your territory from other guilds.

✔ Joining a guild makes you a shareholder! Invest and help your guild grow.
✔ Collect resources to help your guild dominate!
✔ Obtain valuable items with the trade system and always be war-ready!

✔ Create your own epic quests, side stories, and secret histories with custom story mode!
✔ Share your creations with your friends and fellow players around the world.
✔ The best custom adventure will be featured as a monthly best!

[Essential Permissions]
✔ None

[Optional Permissions]
1. Camera, Storage
✔ Permission to access the camera, photos, media, and files. Used for registering/changing the user’s profile picture, and when attaching files during 1:1 customer support.
※However, when you access the customer support through the web browser within the game, you may receive a permission request from the browser. In this case, permissions may not be requested from the app.
※You do not need to grant optional permissions. However, you may be restricted to some parts of the app’s features. 

✔ On devices with Android 6.0 or lower, you may not have the option to deny optional permissions on installation (the app assumes that you agree to the granting of the permissions upon installation). It is recommended for you to update the software to Android 6.0 and up. After updating your system, you will need to reinstall the app to set the new permissions. 

[Android 6.0+]
1. How to Revoke Permissions Based on Their Type 
✔ Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Select Permission > Select App > Agree to or Revoke Permission

2. How to Revoke App Permissions
✔ Settings > Applications > Select Application > Select Permission > Agree to or Revoke Permission

[Android 6.0 or Lower]
✔ You must delete the app to revoke the permission.
※The above descriptions may differ slightly from your device or OS.


About this version (1501)

- NEW Hero Rarity: Mythical (R) Added : The hero’s ATK, DEF, and HP are raised when reaching Mythical (R).

Other versions

1500 released on 09 December 2021 (250 days ago)
1490 released on 24 November 2021 (265 days ago)
1480 released on 21 October 2021 (299 days ago)
1470 released on 16 September 2021 (334 days ago)
1460 released on 23 August 2021 (358 days ago)
1451 released on 05 August 2021 (376 days ago)
1450 released on 21 July 2021 (391 days ago)
1441 released on 07 July 2021 (405 days ago)
1430 released on 21 May 2021 (452 days ago)
1421 released on 03 May 2021 (470 days ago)
1411 released on 26 March 2021 (508 days ago)
1410 released on 25 February 2021 (537 days ago)
1400 released on 21 January 2021 (572 days ago)
1390 released on 19 November 2020 (635 days ago)
1381 released on 26 October 2020 (659 days ago)
1370 released on 22 September 2020 (693 days ago)
1360 released on 20 August 2020 (726 days ago)
1352 released on 11 August 2020 (735 days ago)
1351 released on 24 July 2020 (753 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1501 by JOYCITY Corp.
Updated: 26 April 2022 (112 days ago)
Released: 23 January 2019
Installations: more than 500 000
The War of Genesis
5 Stars: 23602
4 Stars: 6593
3 Stars: 1676
2 Stars: 447
1 Star: 2682

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