The Stoic

The Stoic

Curated quotes from classic Stoic philosophers to bring you daily inspiration

 The Stoic
 The Stoic  The Stoic  The Stoic  The Stoic  The Stoic  The Stoic  The Stoic

These are quotes to give you a jolt of timeless inspiration and nugget of wisdom from famous Stoic philosopher of the olden days. A curated list of quotes from Marcus Aurelius Seneca Epictetus and Zeno of Citium.

Know this. Life may throw you lemons. So be sure to make lemonade out of it. Rather than becoming a victim overcome it with your own strength. Learn the Stoic way of life to attain boundless happiness.

โœ” Marcus Aurelius
โœ” Seneca
โœ” Epictetus
โœ” Zeno
โœ” Gaius Musonius Rufus
โœ” Chrysippus
โœ” Hierocles

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