The Phillips Machinist

The Phillips Machinist

Everything you need to be the TOTAL machinist all in ONE place.

The Phillips Machinist
The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist The Phillips Machinist

The Phillips Machinist is your personalized digital manufacturing assistant, with quick access to essential machine codes and calculators, direct contact with Phillips engineers, and practical resources designed to make your life easier.

Spark your ingenuity with the Phillips Machinist, the only App you’ll need to succeed! The completely redesigned Phillips Machinist delivers a next level experience offering these key benefits:

A few clicks and you can access Haas G & M reference codes, Error and Alarm Codes, Macro Variables, and functions – and find information on how to apply them to your machines. Right away. Right on the shop floor. Explore our additional libraries with items from Okamoto, Hermle, Kent, Universal Robots and Markforged.

Enhanced everyday Calculators for the CNC Machinist in both Inch and Metric wherever applicable. Now featuring an information page that not only explains how to use the calculator but also the core concepts behind it! Some inputs have been configured to show suggested ranges for the optimal performance of a CNC program to keep you on the cutting edge.

The Result section provides accurate outputs along with supportive images for better understanding of the concept and the results are further fortified with an abundance of videos and articles related to that particular calculator. For example: In the Material Library and Speeds & Feeds Calculator, we have added Haas “Tip of the Day” videos, specifically talking about how the spindle speed and feed-rates affect the surface finish of a machined part.

All of this is provided at your fingertips. You’ll have access to these calculators that help make your job easier on the shop floor. From Single Point Thread Turning to Speeds & Feeds we’ve got you covered. With 15 calculators and counting!:
• Single Point Thread Turning
• Mat. Library-Speed & Feeds
• Simple Speed & Feeds
• Square Hex
• Tap Drill - Cutting Tap
• Tap Drill - Thread Forming
• True Position
• Bolt Circle
• Countersink
• Right Angle Triangle
• Drill Tip Depth
• Socket Head Cap Screw
• Helicoil Tap Drill
• Simple Bolt Clearance Chart
• Simple Drill Chart

Your machines and your interests are at the forefront. Keep tabs on your machines, and requests right on your homepage. Look at custom curated videos and manuals to take your knowledge to the next level. See what is trending by checking out our featured trending topics. Favorite your most used manuals to keep everything just the way you want it!

Running into problems on the shop floor? Ask “live” questions to some of the country’s premier applications engineers. The “Ask Joe” section gives you a direct link to the Phillips applications team. Our vast FAQ library has a wealth of knowledge from general machining, 5-axis, and more!

Any questions/or concerns, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you through the app, or at

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