The Phase

The Phase

All you need for lucid dreaming and out-of-body-travel!

The Phase
The Phase The Phase The Phase The Phase The Phase The Phase The Phase The Phase

Free app with free articles techniques and ebooks.

This app is for those who are interested in “out-of-body experience” (OOBE) “lucid dreaming” (LD) and “astral projection” (AP) – only here they are all regarded as a single phenomenon the Phase. No theorizing or nonsense here. Only what works in practice and nothing else!

The practice of Phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past the notions of ”out-of-body experience” “lucid dreaming” and ”astral projection” have already lost their mystical halo and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now this phenomenon is accessible to everyone regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This app and the books in it give each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about – a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds.

About this version (2.0.3)

A big apdate! Much more articles, videos + bonuses Now it contains full seminar "Leave Your Body in 3 Days"!

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The Phase
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