The Path of the Wizard

The Path of the Wizard

Plunge into the magical world of the protagonist, into his thoughts and plans.

The Path of the Wizard
The Path of the Wizard The Path of the Wizard The Path of the Wizard The Path of the Wizard

At the beginning of the game the main character is walking in the woods. Suddenly something really fantastic happens. At the very moment our game The Path of the Wizard (Шлях мольфара) starts. We'll get to know the hero his experience and his life better.

There will be dramatic changes of the plot surprising turns of events. The game is full of magic and a good humor. Obviously friends can help our hero when he faces the problems but whether our hero helps the friends it will always depend on your choice. So watch what this will lead to.

Gradually you will learn and solve everyday problems such as finding a job and different tasks... The main character is also surrounded by a magical world which he meets unexpectedly and plunges into it. Each time our hero gets into a new interesting event as a result it is a very non-trivial story.

The game is very unusual and it's like a quest. It takes up little space on the phone. The graphics are not stressful nice tones. The Path of the Wizard game can bring you many enjoyable minutes 9 achievements are available and finally you'll get a bonus. So go on a journey!)

Game features
- text quest in English
- impressive plot
- there are color images
- nice music
- several different endings
- text quest where you can plug into the story of the main character


About this version (1.13)

Game The Path of the Wizard 1.13 Deleted errors.

Other versions

1.12 released on 21 November 2020 (65 days ago)
1.11 released on 21 September 2020 (126 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 20 MB
Version: 1.13 by Peter Starm
Updated: 28 December 2020 (28 days ago)
Released: 24 July 2020
Installations: more than 1 000
The Path of the Wizard
5 Stars: 129
4 Stars: 11
3 Stars: 5
2 Stars: 11
1 Star: 11

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