The Little Yogi

The Little Yogi

Personalised greeting cards for your loved ones and daily inspiration cards

The Little Yogi
The Little Yogi The Little Yogi The Little Yogi The Little Yogi The Little Yogi The Little Yogi The Little Yogi

Itβ€˜s me – The Little Yogi!

I love nothing more than to give you magical moments, to touch your heart and to make you smile.

And I would like my pictures and words to be a reminder for you. A reminder of the child within you and of your innate wisdom. I would like to encourage you to walk your own path and to become aware of your own uniqueness. To inspire you to meet life with renewed lightness, humor & love.

I want to show you new ways to trust and help you to focus on the positive. To remind you that life is allowed to be full of joy & love and that you are perfect, just as you are.

I wish you and your loved ones lots of fun sending and receiving the greeting cards.

May the daily inspiration cards gift you smiles, deep insights and moments of joy. May they be a welcome little nudge in your everyday life towards valuable impulses, new realizations & lightness.

Love, the litte Yogi
& his team

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