The Last Wizard

The Last Wizard

Leave your mundane life on Earth and live in a fantasy kingdom filled with magic

The Last Wizard
The Last Wizard The Last Wizard The Last Wizard The Last Wizard The Last Wizard The Last Wizard The Last Wizard

It’s a regular Tuesday evening when you are pulled from the Earth and sent to a place where magic still exists. You are given a wizard's tower filled with arcane knowledge that you are expected to learn. Thrust into a war between two nations it's up to you to save the kingdom where you now live.

"The Last Wizard" is a 185000 word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast unstoppable power of your imagination.

Your choices will influence who rules the land and what happens to the civilians living there. Will you find love or will you strive to return to the life you were forced to leave behind? Will you save the kingdom or will you betray the people for your own personal gain? The choice is yours!

• Play as male female genderfluid or non-binary; gay straight or asexual
• Find romance with a variety of interesting characters.
• Learn and master multiple powerful spells.
• Build a powerful golem ride a dragon raise the dead heal the sick rain fire upon your enemies fly become invisible summon lightning enchant magical weapons...
• Acquire powerful magical artifacts.
• Save the kingdom or join the enemy.
• Return home to Earth or live your life in a fantasy world.
• Change the fates of two nations!

About this version (1.0.3)

Fixed a bug where achievements could be lost if the app quits right after earning an achievement. If you enjoy "The Last Wizard", please leave us a written review. It really helps!

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 7 MB
Version: 1.0.3 by Hosted Games
Updated: 04 July 2019 (565 days ago)
Released: 02 August 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
The Last Wizard
5 Stars: 354
4 Stars: 91
3 Stars: 37
2 Stars: 21
1 Star: 32

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