The Cult

The Cult

Party game of deception and lies. Protect the village from the cult!

The Cult
The Cult The Cult The Cult The Cult The Cult The Cult

The Cult is a game for 4 to 10 players. Each player is secretly assigned a role which belongs to one of the two teams: the village or the cult.

The game is divided into 5 rounds. Each round a new leader will select players to go on a quest. Players that go on a quest can decide if this quest should be successful or fail. To win the village must complete at least 3 quests successfully.

Players belonging to the village must always vote for a quest to succeed. Players belonging to the cult can chose. The votes will be entered secretly and only the result of the quest will be known to all players.

While optional, it is recommended that at least one seer role is present in the game. The seer belongs to the village and will know which players belong to the cult. The seer can use this information to help with quests. However, at the end of the game the cult may vote on who they think the seer is. If they uncover the role of the seer successfully, the cult wins.

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