Thai Lottery Results 2022

Thai Lottery Results 2022

Play the Thai National Lottery. The most awarded lottery in Thailand.

Thai Lottery Results 2022
Thai Lottery Results 2022 Thai Lottery Results 2022 Thai Lottery Results 2022 Thai Lottery Results 2022 Thai Lottery Results 2022

With our App you can check your Thai lottery ticket in a simple and fast way. Check the winning numbers of the last lottery draw and also the numbers of previous draws.

🎰 When are the Thai lottery draws? 🎰

The Thai national lottery is held on the 1st and 16th of each month. This lottery draw is broadcast live on Thai government television from 2:30 pm.

🎫 How much does each lotto ticket cost? 🎫

The price of each of the Thai lotto tickets is 80 baht ฿.

💰 How many prizes are there in the Thai national lottery? 💰

Currently the Thai lotto has 9 different prizes:

First Prize (1): 6,000,000 ฿
Consolation Prize (2): 100,000 ฿ (numbers that are only one digit higher or one digit lower than the first prize)
Second prize (5): 200,000 ฿
Third prize (10): 80,000 ฿
Fourth prize (50): 40,000 ฿
Fifth prize (100): 20,000 ฿
3 First digits (2,000): 4,000 ฿
3 Last digits (2,000): 4,000 ฿
2 Last digits (10,000): 2,000 ฿

In total 14,168 prizes with a total jackpot of 48,000,000 ฿.

⭐ App Features ⭐

This Thai lottery App, has been chosen by thousands of users to check in each draw if their ticket number has been awarded, since in the app we include features, such as:

📅 Check the results of previous lottery draws.
💾 Download the draw verification sheet in PDF to your device.
🎥 Watch the live Thai lotto draw video.
🔎 You can enter your ticket number and we will tell you if you have been awarded and how much you have won.
🔔 We will send you a notification each time the results of a new Thai lottery draw are published. (Days 1 and 16 of each month)
✅ And many more features!

At KaboomApps we would like to know your opinion about us and our applications, that is why we have at your disposal our email where you can send us any questions or suggestions to improve our Thai national lottery app.

Remember that this is an NOT official App of the Thai Lottery Result, we collect the data from the different websites that provide the results. However, within the App you can download the official verification sheet for each draw.

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Thai Lottery Results 2022
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