Tell: record + share stories

Tell: record + share stories

Tell is a family storytelling app where you read & record children stories.

Tell: record + share stories
Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories Tell: record + share stories

Storytelling made easy and personal! Stay in touch with your family even hundreds of miles away!

Imagine your kids listening to your voice while watching illustrated stories from the most famous authors. Or even better, imagine giving life to your own family stories and enabling your kids to enjoy narrated stories over and over again.

TELL is a storytelling app that enables you to easily record and share stories with your loved ones. Whether you want to record your voice on some of the famous story classics, or you want to record a completely new story that you can easily share with your kids, friends or family - TELL is the storyteller app that is fast and easy to use. You can also keep your memories and stories safe in the app to pass on to future generations.

Imagine your family being able to hear how granddad met grandma, listening to their voices after they’ve gone, or connecting with them by reading a bedtime story when you’re stuck away on a business trip. TELL creates real, lasting connections in a way no other app can.

- Record Story: Record yourself reading our beautifully illustrated stories with the easiest story maker ever. We include the most famous illustrated stories for kids, explore our library and find something right for you.

- Create Story: Tell a classic children’s story or record your own by following the simple steps in the storyteller app. You can even record memories of personal family events and re-listen for years and decades to come. Include other people in the stories by simply asking them questions like “tell me about when you met grandma”, and be amazed at what you find out about your friends and family!

Every audio story you create is paired with beautiful illustrations that flow seamlessly with the text and narration. We’ve collaborated with various talented artists to create these stunning illustrated stories.

Are all little ones gathered and you simply need audio stories for kids to keep them entertained? Or to help them fall asleep? Connect with the kids while you’re away so they can still hear your voice when you are apart.

In the app, you can create a storytelling circle for your family that includes grandparents, parents, siblings, kids, and cousins, so everyone can record and share stories within the group. Create multiple circles for in-laws, friends, or even your kids’ class at school. You’ll love receiving your kids’ heart-warming thank you's, love, and laughter.

- record stories with ease
- create your own stories
- listen to stories and fairy tales from our built-in audio-book library
- visually stunning with beautiful hand illustrations
- create circles (groups) for your family so everyone can record and share stories
- create multiple circles
- keep your family memories safe forever

For generations of great family stories and amazing memories…

Media has the power to “teach the good stuff” and controlled screen-time is the key to children thriving. We built TELL as a family-friendly, parent-approved app that brings family members closer together, especially when they’re physically far apart.

Download TELL – the ultimate storyteller app now for free!

Stories pre-loaded in the app included classic fairy tales, poems, and short stories from authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault or Rudyard Kipling.

Here’s some examples: The Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Frog Prince, Thumbelina, The Emperor's New Suit, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Bluebeard.

Preserving your stories for you and for future generations is important to us. If you need help using the app, have technical issues, or want to make a suggestion, write to us at or visit

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What's new: -Added tons of FREE books and bedtime stories such as Beatrix Potter, Grimm Brothers, HC Andersen, Rudyard Kipling, Mother Goose -Improved the make-your-own audiobook recording feature -Now includes free coins with every install! Redeem coins for stories, or if you love the app - subscribe to save on unlimited access and become part of the Tell+ storytelling Club!

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