Teen Period Tracker

Teen Period Tracker

MagicGirl helps you understand and keep track of your menstrual period.

Teen Period Tracker
Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker Teen Period Tracker

Magic Girl is a smart and intuitive period & ovulation calendar for teens and adult females. It is easy to use, reliable, accurate and informative.

Magic Girl provides deep insights about your menstrual cycle. If you are a teen, the app will guide you with videos, FAQs and chat. With data assembled by a team of medical professionals, the app is loaded with relevant advice and tips presented to you at the right time.

You will love Magic Girl:

+ Know when to expect your period, never be surprised or embarrassed
+ Connect with other girls for advice and sharing of tips
+ Be the girl in your class who understands her body
+ Learn which hygiene products are right for you
+ Get to know yourself better with your MagicGirl diary
+ Track everything related to your period
+ Predict your future periods, ovulation and fertile days
+ A history of your past menstrual cycles and pregnancies
+ Diary of your daily actions and notes with password lock
+ Tips and information relevant for your cycle
+ First period tips for girls and teens
+ Menstrual cycle and pregnancy mode
+ Extended pill cycle mode
+ Reminders for your next periods, fertile days, birth control pill, ...
+ Icons and themes to customize your calendar
+ Protect your privacy with a passcode
+ Protect your data with free automatic backups to your optional account
+ Informative videos for tweens and teens
+ Chat with other app users

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Teen Period Tracker
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